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Horse Galloping

Horse Galloping
Horse Galloping
what's going on now
AniStudios: like me from my computer to the fridge
17 April 19:26:15
AniStudios: So gummi move on.
17 April 19:25:53
17 April 19:25:35
gummibearzrule: not a cush, but a crush. There. :P
17 April 19:25:28
AniStudios: *Crush
17 April 19:25:25
AniStudios: So it's not real love just a CUSH?
17 April 19:25:07
gummibearzrule: I just said he was cute, geeze Ani XD
17 April 19:24:33
17 April 19:24:21
gummibearzrule: No, and I never said that.
17 April 19:24:19
AniStudios: Your falling for this boy,And you need to be honeest do you REALLY LOVE HIM?
17 April 19:24:05
FurryRaver4life commented on
17 April 19:23:30
gummibearzrule: What'd you ean? :I
17 April 19:23:16
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