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Draw your own character!
Draw your own character!
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SupernaturalSam commented on
16 September 20:29:43
Suicu: *turns into a dinosaur and crushes his face* MAGIC
16 September 20:28:13
16 September 20:28:09
Grogramn: but that hurt even more, so, something along those lines.
16 September 20:28:08
Grogramn: not quite the perfect hug either.
16 September 20:27:35
Suicu: *falls from a building and hugs him* owo
16 September 20:27:12
Grogramn: it has no effect.
16 September 20:26:50
Grogramn: I like watermelon!
16 September 20:26:45
Grogramn: ok, that was a little better. but im still not impressed..
16 September 20:26:27
Suicu: WELL THEN *chucks a watermelon at*
16 September 20:26:20
Grogramn: OUCH!
16 September 20:25:43
Suicu: k fine. *tackle hugs him* OvO
16 September 20:24:23
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