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Hipster Cat

Hipster Cat
Hipster Cat
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KingKarl: + halo 5 was a dissapointment in my opinion.
12 February 20:30:57
KingKarl: halo is my favorite fps franchise, and unfortunatly its not on pc so.... eh...
12 February 20:30:44
Lumpkins drew
12 February 20:29:00
DudeManGuy001 commented on
12 February 20:28:56
Kni commented on , ,
12 February 20:27:30
DudeManGuy001: I just suck at shooter games in general.
12 February 20:27:23
Kni: I don't play shooters. The only one I can even stand is halo
12 February 20:26:40
12 February 20:25:01
DudeManGuy001: I only have ww3
12 February 20:24:47
KingKarl: but honestly tho, im talking about the ww2 call of duty games (including WaW) and cod4.
12 February 20:24:00
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