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Pirate coin

by BlackDragon

pixel art Pirate coin realistic coin shiny Pirates of the Caribbean gold by BlackDragon piq
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15 June 2011 19:05
colour distribution

Ouch. There's pain in my hand... :D


even better than the original!
by Daniel, 15 June 2011 19:29
oh! cool!
by Tom, 15 June 2011 19:32
Holy meatloaf....
by PixelUmbreon, 15 June 2011 21:30
Dude, why are you sooooooo good at pixel art?!??! I praise you!
by Suptapong, 15 June 2011 21:53
Dude that looks 1st to me. Awesome job!
by Kgustafso, 16 June 2011 01:55
I think I'm looking at 162 minutes? How long have you been doing pixel art. The reason I ask is this is far beyond traditional art skills. Very nice job. Something to truly be proud of.
by CloudCharger, 16 June 2011 02:08
Thank you all for nice words! Actually, I wouldn't call this pure pixel art. As far as I know, pixel art requires that every single pixel is delicately put on the right place. This picture is quite accurate but it doesn't have that 'pixel level perfection'. (This thread tells what most pixel artists consider pixel art:http://www.pixeljoint.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=11299&PID=139318#139318 ) I think this piece is more like a tiny digital drawing or painting.
@CloudCharger: I don't really know how long I've been doing pixel art but art/drawing in general has been my hobby for some 16 years! :D
by BlackDragon, 16 June 2011 08:55
brilliant wow this is so cool
by Titan, 20 June 2011 01:13
nice work and thanks for sharing the link. it was an enlightening read on "pixelart".
by pixelwiz, 20 June 2011 17:06
I am also very curious how much "real" "pixelart" we can expect as a response to that link over the next days!
by Daniel, 20 June 2011 17:18
Hey BD!
by zebra, 19 July 2011 20:42
(Black Dragon)
by zebra, 19 July 2011 20:43
Well hello zebra! :D
by BlackDragon, 20 July 2011 10:12
Why don't you make more pics
by zebra, 20 July 2011 16:15
by zebra, 20 July 2011 16:15
Well, I've been a bit lazy recently... XD (And a bit out of ideas too... :/ )
by BlackDragon, 21 July 2011 16:23
Draw a cat sleeping on a pillow
by zebra, 27 July 2011 18:14
Maybe... ;D
by BlackDragon, 30 July 2011 17:10
Artists like you make me realize that I'm not very good at drawing. ...oh well. Very cool none the less.
by powerhouselb, 09 August 2011 16:13
Thank you! And don't give up - you can always improve your skills. :) For example there's lots of good (and even free) tutorials in the web - try them. :)
by BlackDragon, 09 August 2011 17:40
this is truly amazing BD, lot of details and skill involved :)
by jmgandalf, 18 November 2011 14:16
Thank you! :)
by BlackDragon, 19 November 2011 12:23
cool nice one man love it
by leon, 19 November 2011 17:09
Thanks leon! :)
by BlackDragon, 20 November 2011 14:46
Wow, just wow! It's like it's real and I could take it from the screen! And you've been doing this for sixteen years? >.> I've only been drawing for about two years... Keep up the great work! :D
by ChibiLittle245, 09 January 2012 11:05
Thanks ChibiLittle245! :) Just keep on drawing and eventually you'll become a great artist for sure! :)
by BlackDragon, 21 January 2012 03:55
WoW !
by Schoening, 28 January 2012 14:19
by Piratjack, 28 February 2012 06:36
you´re master!
by cesarloose, 03 March 2012 09:33
Thank you!
by BlackDragon, 03 March 2012 11:17
I don't copy, I use reference (or sometimes I do these just from scratch). There's a big difference between those things. And btw, the ref I used for this is in the first comment.
by BlackDragon, 09 March 2012 07:49
by yapshuter63, 01 May 2012 09:52
Thanks yapshuter63!
by BlackDragon, 02 May 2012 05:42
by linuszheng25, 01 August 2012 08:19
by BlackDragon, 01 August 2012 14:14
Woah, this is omazing! OMAZING I TELL YOU!!!
by PixelSnake, 07 November 2012 06:19
I love gold... <3
by darklord, 29 August 2013 16:29
CAN I LIKE HAVE THIS???!!!!!!!!1
by POTClover, 16 February 2014 10:44
by POTClover, 16 February 2014 16:31
by KING JOE, 18 April 2014 20:07
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