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I'll be back...

by BlackDragon

pixel art I'll be back... sunglasses contest dithering 2-colour BlackDragon realistic I'll be back black'n'white by BlackDragon piq
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10 June 2011 17:28
colour distribution

You might know this guy... Not the most popular guy in the world right now...


[this comment was deleted]
by BlackDragon, 10 June 2011 17:34
definitely! Recognised him from the spot!
great piece!
by Daniel, 10 June 2011 17:52
yeah, it certainly does look like him! nice
by Tom, 10 June 2011 17:53
isnt there news everywere about the dude having an affair with his maide, ight now hes one of the ost poplar
by someone, 10 June 2011 19:58
does it look like him? Dude have you SEEN your drawing? Amazing work!
by kartikg3, 11 June 2011 04:11
Thank you all for nice comments! It really took time to get the details right - almost 2.5 hours! Phew! :D (It's shame there was no room for the gun... :D)
by BlackDragon, 11 June 2011 08:35
Can't wait either to eventually have piqs with costumised size!
by Daniel, 11 June 2011 11:46
The two-colour theme made me read the title "I'll be black"...
by Alex, 11 June 2011 14:32
Nice job dude Very well done!
by Shinyness, 19 June 2011 16:11
who is it
by olliebear, 24 July 2012 15:47
[this comment was deleted]
by BlackDragon, 24 July 2012 16:18
Terminator x
by JoeyTheDesigner, 04 July 2013 14:48
by Timber, 03 March 2014 18:46
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