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Pokemon Old School

by Masto91

pixel art Pokemon Old School school ash old squirtle pikachu fight mario game video battle piq charmander pokemon pixel by Masto91 piq
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01 September 2012 07:25
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An old school Pokemon battle , between Charmander and Squirtle ! Pokemon Blue or Pokemon red ? (seriously, what's the difference between those two version ?!)
I used to play a lot of Pokemon games when i was younger ! What about you ?


i think the only differenz is that in each edition are 11 pokémon which you can onky get there

for example you only can get Meowth on the red edition (damn i hope you understand this xd)
by Sheep, 01 September 2012 14:44
yeah no problem !
by Masto91, 01 September 2012 14:55
vasy carapuce !
by Piratjack, 01 September 2012 15:17
Red's main quest Legendary is Moltres, Blue's is Articuno.
by AvianAvenger, 01 September 2012 15:39
are you sure avian ?
i cant remember that they are part of the main quest o:
by Sheep, 01 September 2012 16:14
They are. Also, you fight the trainer Red in Red, and Blue in Blue.
by AvianAvenger, 01 September 2012 16:17
okay i believe you ^^
by Sheep, 01 September 2012 16:22
:D :D :D :D :D :D
by darklord, 01 September 2012 19:03
damn you gary
by fusion ruby, 01 September 2012 23:16
Im gary f u c k i n g oak.
by darklord, 02 September 2012 01:22
@darklord gary oak is a d i c k
by fusion ruby, 02 September 2012 02:08
By the way I have pokemon green the first one
by fusion ruby, 02 September 2012 02:09
by Gary Oak, 02 September 2012 03:31
is it on english the green one ?
by Sheep, 02 September 2012 09:24
damn i would do everything for getting that edition *_*
by Sheep, 02 September 2012 09:24
I didn't even know that there was a green version :)
by Masto91, 02 September 2012 11:56
yeah pokemon green was the beta version you could say I bought it at a pawn shop for about 5 dollars.
@sheep it's in japanese
by fusion ruby, 02 September 2012 12:42
Is it better ?
by Masto91, 02 September 2012 12:58
they are the same but pokemon green glitches out alot
by fusion ruby, 02 September 2012 13:00
Green was fun. I bought my copy for fifty-three dollars, who the HECK sold you Green for five dollars?!
by AvianAvenger, 02 September 2012 19:12
it was some pawn shop in my town the guy said their was no value in it.I was thinking the same question when he sold it to me
by fusion ruby, 02 September 2012 19:23
What about pokemon wite and black 2 ? I think that a FU***** Joke !
by Masto91, 04 September 2012 08:54
pfffffft- look up Pokemon creepy black and lavender town syndrome...
by Unt0t3n, 04 September 2012 14:52
yeah that story is not true with
by Sheep, 04 September 2012 15:54
Pokemanz! <3
by eeveegirl300, 04 September 2012 17:08
It looks like Squirtle is making the awesome face! :D
by eeveegirl300, 04 September 2012 19:26
i've seen people play the game it seems good
by fusion ruby, 04 September 2012 22:23
Ok...i've seen lots of creepypasta for pokemon.Pokemon bloack is a mod and vender town syndrome would be on the news because people said 5 or 6 people killed themselfs.I will be honest it does give me headaches sometimes but I won't kill myself.
by fusion ruby, 05 September 2012 01:40
by fusion ruby, 05 September 2012 01:40
lavender town
by fusion ruby, 05 September 2012 01:40
My brother's gonna buy it, i'll see if it's good or if it sucks
by Masto91, 05 September 2012 05:51
IKR? It gives me really bad headaches and sometimes I act all emotional afterwards too(true story!)
by Unt0t3n, 05 September 2012 21:57
=) Pokemon's creeators gone mad ... Old school pokemon were so charismatic ! Now, we got some refuse bags (Trubbish) or a blue duck (Ducklett). Do you guys have a favorite pokemon ?
by Masto91, 06 September 2012 03:25
You know mine! ;)
by eeveegirl300, 06 September 2012 20:04
by fusion ruby, 06 September 2012 20:37
by AvianAvenger, 06 September 2012 22:09
@Avian Because it's sexy?....
by fusion ruby, 07 September 2012 00:41
by AvianAvenger, 07 September 2012 00:49
by Zacharias, 14 October 2012 16:53
@Avian, Also Yellow main quest legendary is Zapdos.
by Frostbite, 07 January 2013 02:42
Lucario and Keldeo!
by Frostbite, 07 January 2013 02:43
Lavender town's music scares the f*ck out of me! I was listening it when my friende dared me to go to that f*cking place!
by Frostbite, 09 January 2013 01:47
i love my charmander<3
by yman77, 07 May 2013 21:01
Squirtell has the epic face
by D-D-D-D-iii-sss--cccc, 06 December 2013 12:16
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