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Dororo the Ninja

by wolfgirl456

pixel art Dororo the Ninja wg blue star show tv keronian mask grey XD wolfgirl456 dororo gray keron anime turban sgt. frog ninja by wolfgirl456 piq
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21 July 2012 02:24
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From the show Sgt. Frog. Lookie at the comment below as a reply to Avian Avenger even though it's a shat load long XDD


DORORO!!!!! I thought I was the only one... :P
by AvianAvenger, 21 July 2012 02:58
I LOVE Sgt. Frog, that show was my life until I finished the last episode :( i thought I was the only one too! Until I found one of my real life friends on deviant ART who had seen the show, and told me to look up Sgt. frog groups on dA. Then i realized that, like me, many people love this show~

Lol sorry for that paragraph of shat. Dororo and Giroro and my fav Keronians. And Natsumi and Koyuki are my fav people. Weird, cuz Koyuki and Dororo are a team, and Giroro pretty much wants to marry Natsumi XD
by wolfgirl456, 21 July 2012 03:08
I actually wasn't done with this, having not finished the shading and the back of his mask-turban thing XD
by wolfgirl456, 21 July 2012 03:11
And the shiny spot on his forehead that all the Keronians have for some reason.
by wolfgirl456, 21 July 2012 03:12
I drew a Kululu piq awhile back, and, is there a Season 4 on Netfix now? I stopped checking about the same time I stopped checking for the 6(?)th season of Doctor Who.
by AvianAvenger, 21 July 2012 03:13
I watched it on Netflix. I really don't know, though. I don't think so. But maybe it's on YouTube? All the epies of that show on on there :3

I drew a Kululu irl, it's on my deviantART:http://kori-the-cat.deviantart.com/

Shud be the first one there on New deviations.
by wolfgirl456, 21 July 2012 03:19
I think the shiny spot's like a "cutie mark" (if that's what it's called. I never watched MLP when I was a kid, I thought it'd give me cooties.), only for alien frogs that keep getting distracted from destroying the world. I just realized that the Keronians are a bit like Cthulhu.
by AvianAvenger, 21 July 2012 03:20
Epic. I don't do mutch on DA, but I'll sub you, or whatever it's called.
by AvianAvenger, 21 July 2012 03:22
Ish called "watching" lol
I dont go on there much either
by wolfgirl456, 21 July 2012 03:51
Oh, God... DA's version of Subbing is a bit creepy, and slightly perverted, if you think about it too much. Always Watching...

Sorry, I tend to overthink things when I'm bored and have nothing to do except watch PewDiePie play horror games in the dark.
by AvianAvenger, 21 July 2012 04:20
Uh-huh. I looked it up because of all the HL2 and Keroro Gunzo fanart there, and came up with Urbandictionary's thing on deviant... *Shudders*
by AvianAvenger, 21 July 2012 20:46
I can be a pervert myself at times... But I don't really think about it. e-e

'Deviant' itself is a word you, uh, shouldn't go around saying randomly.

And yeah, 'watching' is a bit gross.
by wolfgirl456, 21 July 2012 22:11
Awesome and EPIC! <3 it!
by MariosHawt123, 19 August 2012 05:58
Dororo! My favorite character on Sgt. Frog! Woot!
by Frostbite, 01 January 2013 22:11
[this comment was deleted]
by Frostbite, 02 January 2013 04:10
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