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by pixelwiz

pixel art wip by pixelwiz piq
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11 July 2012 21:17
colour distribution


Crazy good sir
by mikey, 11 July 2012 22:09
Now i know your secret technique to drawing awesomely.
by darklord, 24 July 2012 02:06
Darklord: That's great! Want to tell me what it is? :)
by pixelwiz, 24 July 2012 18:53
I'll try it on some piq ideas I have coming up :D
by darklord, 24 July 2012 21:03
Ok, looking forward to seeing them!
by pixelwiz, 25 July 2012 00:39
Yeah, Basically what I understand is going to max 200x200 pixels, and using the large brush as sort of a rough sketch, then using the medium brush on a different layer (part see through) a go over what you already drew, in finer detail adding more colours...
THEN the small brush using many colours and shades, with multiple strokes to give it a nice shading effect.

I can also see you using the "darkener brush" on the number of the wheel xD

Its a kind of style that looks super-realistic, but the way its done it leaves a lot of pixels just a bit out of place, and then I get OCD and have to clean them all up.

Which is why I'm no good a realism ø.o
by darklord, 25 July 2012 01:10
Yeah, you're right! ;) Also gradients can help fill in areas quickly and then you can 'roughen up' the surface by painting on top of it.
by pixelwiz, 25 July 2012 03:32
Yaaaaay :D
by darklord, 25 July 2012 19:54
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