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woop boring sketch

by CelestialSkies

woop boring sketch
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17 November 2017 17:48
colour distribution

k so
I do a lot of stuff on Pixilart now
Blah blah I know piq user moving to pixilart n stuff but tbh, I wanna use updated tools while I wait for the big update to piq
So hit me up on Pixilart at DragonFeather. Thats my account
I dont draw very much there either but ive been doing more there than here so.
I still check my notifications here and stuff, and if something comes up Ill probably give my opinion on it but blegh


nice, i'll certainly check it out
by lunageek520, 17 November 2017 18:44
ill be stalking you on both sites cuz dayum those lines are s l e e k
by Shiro, 07 December 2017 21:03
Yo man thanks! I think I'm gonna be coming back for a bit, but feel free to check out my Pixilart acc if you wanna :P
by CelestialSkies, 08 December 2017 16:56
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