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Piq: Dead or Alive?

by WatchfulEyes

pixel art Piq: Dead or Alive? by WatchfulEyes piq
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13 November 2017 23:18
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I've been debating this ever since I found myself a cozy spot in this community. What have I been wondering, you ask? Well, here's your answer; Piq: Alive or dead? It's hard to tell with websites like these. I feel as though the creators haven't had any actual input onto the website recently. They might just be letting the website run free, or they might've just given up on it. Personally, i think it's the latter. There haven't been any contests in months, if not a few YEARS, and there doesn't seem to be any updates coming soon. So, I'd like your input. Do you think this site is a failed project, and has been long abandoned, or do you think there might be more to come in the future? I'd hate to leave this site, and it seems like doom is just around the corner. Leave your opinion in the comments. Maybe if we get this to PoTD, the creators will notice, and have something to say. Until then, only time will tell.


thats what i was saying the creators may give up on us eventualy so mabey piq will die some day but now idk we can make it what ever we want
by marioziehm, 13 November 2017 23:34
Well just because they gave up on piq doesnt exactly mean thy will take it down
by Booshblast, 13 November 2017 23:58
you do need to pay to have a site up you know that right ive been taking classes on this stuff sucks

by marioziehm, 14 November 2017 00:00
really, that is stupid
by Booshblast, 14 November 2017 00:14
by marioziehm, 14 November 2017 00:15
piq is both.
by lunageek520, 14 November 2017 18:47
and i'll help this get POTD
by lunageek520, 14 November 2017 18:47
Reading over all of this:
The site is obviously gonna die some time. It ain't gonna stay alive for eternity
The developers are completely rebuilding the site. 99% of the people who are active don't even know this because they are so new

And why the fuck does this need potd
Save pots for actual art pieces
by DanTreeBow, 21 November 2017 20:52
He just wanted to be sure that the developers saw it, there is much higher chance that they will see it if it gets potd
by Booshblast, 21 November 2017 23:38
that isnt true

they are working on helping the site and it is completely obvious almost everyone is gone.
by DanTreeBow, 21 November 2017 23:55
dan big big prob it involves the internet and it effects all of us big time look at my newes piq
by marioziehm, 22 November 2017 21:40
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