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hes never seen any water ever hes having a seizure lmao

by Jo-Jo

pixel art hes never seen any water ever hes having a seizure lmao crismas this kills the man jizzmas fuck yeah beach the boys scared my sweet giant strawberry muffin beach by Jo-Jo piq
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12 October 2017 20:09
colour distribution

well im leaving for a while
this sites fuckin garbage
consider it a vacation for me

probably wont be back till christmas



hope to see you in a month or so my man duderino
by Suicu, 12 October 2017 20:23
is christmas in a month??????? i- no yeah no it isnt
by Jo-Jo, 12 October 2017 20:26
2 months yeah
by Jo-Jo, 12 October 2017 20:27
month or so
who knows if you'll be back at christmas or sure
basically just in that general mcfucking time-frame
by Suicu, 12 October 2017 20:28
alrighty see you soon
by creeperslayer098, 12 October 2017 21:13
Post this trash on to Tumblr or something...
by Xyzzulous, 13 October 2017 00:12
Fuck you this is ART!
by ZeRoyalDude, 13 October 2017 17:06
Her art is trash. Art has no real value. I meant to say that she should post all of her piqs on Tumblr. It is now apparent that I did not get my point across.
by Xyzzulous, 13 October 2017 20:32
FUCK YOU GET OFF HER SWAMP YOU BITCH YOU FUCKING CUNT YOUR FUCKING ART COMPARED TO THIS GODDESS OF DICK IS TRASH FUCK YOU also you thanks for saying sorry in all but her piqs belong on piq if that's where she decides to put it.
by ZeRoyalDude, 14 October 2017 19:51
I was only making a suggestion. If she doesn't like this site she can use the art tool as it is: a tool. Also, all art is subjectively trash. Her's is just better than mine in a subjective way.
by Xyzzulous, 16 October 2017 16:31
No you tried to enforce this if you would have said "I would like to put this on tumbler please." It would have been different you tried enforcing it with a negative word, you should try to be nice before you talk.
by ZeRoyalDude, 16 October 2017 18:09
[this comment was deleted by Xyzzulous]
by Xyzzulous, 18 October 2017 17:33
I have already acknowledged my mistake. I REQUEST that you stop commenting, it's getting annoying.
by Xyzzulous, 18 October 2017 17:34
by ZeRoyalDude, 18 October 2017 20:15
Thanks man sorry for any trouble.
by Xyzzulous, 19 October 2017 02:02
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