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Stolen works.

by FurryRaver4life

pixel art Stolen works. by FurryRaver4life piq
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03 October 2017 00:52
colour distribution

alexey@grigorkin.com has created an application under the name "Sandbox" (available on both IOS and Android)

The game is based on pixel art, and you get to color them in by numbers. I had enjoyed the mandalas on the game and so forth for a day or so and later decided to scroll through all of them.

This app has A LOT of art from Piqs users used without permission, without credit, and most are put behind a subscription based paywall. (they make money on a regular basis off your work).

I have been in contact with Alexey very briefly about this but she hardly speaks English and doesn't quite see the problem with what she is doing.

I recommend you download the app (its icon is a red heart) and see if you can find any of your work. I have reported a lot of them but it would be best if you report it to both Alexey and Google Play/Apple Store to get them all removed if not the whole app itself.

Alexey claims she has bought the permissions use off of "a photostocks" (her words) which I'm pretty sure we all know is not true, unless it was bought and sold illegally.

Please help me get this app removed.


I just want to know...
any of my stuff?
I don't really care either way, just curious.
by lunageek520, 03 October 2017 01:39
Scroll through it yourself. I can't keep track of thousands of users work.
by FurryRaver4life, 03 October 2017 01:50
might do it later.
by lunageek520, 03 October 2017 16:50
I couldn’t see any of my art but I noticed they took the pixel sprays from overwatch???
by Faefae529, 03 October 2017 17:50
All if not almost all have been stolen. That's why I am trying to get it removed by mass reporting on Google and apple store
by FurryRaver4life, 03 October 2017 22:04
Holy shit.

I'm unable to download it, but how can I report it? This is NOT okay.

I honestly don't care about the money being stolen from me or whatever, but what Alexey is doing is fucking illegal.

How long has this app been up for?
by BananaExtract, 03 October 2017 23:05
yeah, I could care less if any of my stuff is on there, but others don't!
by lunageek520, 03 October 2017 23:09
Luna, that's not what I said.

*deep breath*

Stolen art DOES matter, it's completely illegal and unfair to the original creator.

Anyway, Furry, I'm really glad you found this out, it's really important that others know about this.
by BananaExtract, 03 October 2017 23:31
I know it isn't banana.
i'm not as dumb as I...
I'm not gonna finish that sentence.
by lunageek520, 03 October 2017 23:33
Go onto the store pages and find a report button. Idk how long it has been up but there's a lot of stuff on it all uncredited
by FurryRaver4life, 04 October 2017 01:10
is my art on there
by Jankovic123, 10 October 2017 19:31
this might be late, but thanks a lot furry, its impressive youre still keeping this community alive, yeah, this is bullshit, but correct me if Im wrong, our images are under public domain, and if people can get away with selling Che's face, then maybe MAYBE what this cunt is doing is legal, still we need to crucify these fuckers.
by Jankovic123, 10 October 2017 19:38
1. making profit off copyrighted characters, not just ours.
2. You are completely free to use piq to create images and save them locally for any use. If you wish to share your image you can upload it directly to the piq database, where it will be freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution license. This means anyone is free to copy, distribute, transmit, adapt, and use the images commercially, for free, as long as they credit the creator of the original image.
theres no credit whatsoever
by FurryRaver4life, 29 October 2017 19:40
hey, do you mind muting BIRDIEnugget, he doesnt upload shit, justs trolls, I dont need him still being around.

by Jankovic123, 31 October 2017 21:27
I’m well aware of him. But I can’t do anything about it without daniel.
by FurryRaver4life, 01 January 2018 01:02
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