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by S23 SYLAR

pixel art GOKU GOKU by S23 SYLAR piq
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17 September 2017 22:52
colour distribution


That is so cool
by redhedgehog76, 18 September 2017 21:46
Ka... Me... Ha... Me... HAAAa!
by SanicNumber1, 18 September 2017 22:01
I know you receive a lot of hate for your drawings. I have mixed feelings. I appreciate originality and I respect the users who criticize you for the lack thereof, but art is all about freedom of expression. Your account is your own, and frankly, I don't think it's anyone else's business what you choose to draw in your free time or how you choose to draw it. If piq was a more popular site, I might choose to criticize you for simply copying images to rake in likes, but piq is tiny. There is no reward for doing this, and clearly you enjoy doing. If that's the case, keep on doing it. Draw for you. Maybe all of these drawings will bring you to a point where you feel comfortable branching out. Best of luck to you Sylar.
by 8-bit adventurer, 19 September 2017 03:50
dragon ball zzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Tom The Bomb, 20 September 2017 23:54
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