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by theloganberrypiq

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14 September 2017 01:36
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Well, this has been a very crazy past 6 months for me!
So, Hi everyone! oh boy it's been a while since i've been here.
so, "Whats been happening? Where have you been? How did you develop your art skills so quickly?"
i will now answer all of these
so first thing, whats been happening?
so, this may sound crazy but i managed to move 3 times in 6 months!
how you ask? well,
when you last saw me, i was living with my father and i was not happy,
he had it in his head that my mother "broke me" and "i needed to be fixed"
just because we didn't share the same interests, but the thing is, he hasnt had me since i was 3 years old. And back then, i liked everything he liked because i was a kid and i didnt know any better, but now that ived developed a personality and my own interests, he thinks im broken.
so, when i was down with him, i didnt get along with anyone at my old school because 90% of the kids there were the sort of people to all dress the same,act the same and like the same things, and for them it was all motorbike and hunting and backwards flat cap lookin' motherfuckers.
so eventually, i started skipping school, he worked all night and slept all day so it was easy to pull off.
he didnt like the fact that i wasnt into sports and tried to force it onto me, the only thing hed ever buy me was something to do with his favourite footy (australian football) team.
for example: last christmas we went into the city to go shopping and i went to have a look in the game stores, he only let me spend 5 minutes in there until he dragged me to a fishing store, and spent 2 hours in there. fast forward a week till christmas and i open my early present....... and its a shitty camping chair that i couldnt even use as a normal chair because it was that low to the ground.
and then he said to me that that was going to be my only christmas present
i proceded to completely flip my shit.
then when he sends me to my mothers the next day he basically tells her "hey, you know that thing he likes alot? don't get him anything to do with that and only buy him stuff that I like"
luckily, my mother knows what i like and didnt listen to him.
eventually he got sick of me and sent me to my nans
and she was 10X worse
She had a literal fear of computers because she got scammed out of $1000 on a bootleg ebay
when i was there there was only 1 thing i could do and that was swim in the pool, but it was winter and the pool was filthy so that wasnt much of an option
i couldnt go for walks because they lived on a mining farm and everywhere you looked was a bottomless pit of death
now you're probs thinking "couldn't you've gotten a job or something"
well, no, because
a)there was only a pub and a general store in town and i'm too young to work at the pub and relatives own the general store so i wouldn't get paid and
b) where my nan lived lived was 10kms out of the nearest town.and i don't have a car
i couldnt even call people or go onto the internet either because she was so far out of town that we couldnt get phone service let alone internet.
i couldnt stay out of trouble for the life of me.
id also get dragged to things i wasn't even interested in like the saturday football matches and watching stupid movies with my evil little 10 year old cousin who says the rudest stuff to me all the time and noone bats an eye at it, but when i snap, everyone loses their shit at me.
like, one time i was forced to go with nan and my cousin to see Boss Baby (oh god) and once we sat through it, my cousin was super hyper from eating a sh*t ton of sugar, so i asked her to calm down ploitely and she looked me in the eyes and said "no wonder nan doesn't like you"
and that put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day
somehow in her mind she thought it was alright to constantly yap into my ear for the rest of the day like nothing happened,
i ended up in a bad mood and i was the one that got punished because i was being "antisocial"
thats not even the worst part, while i was living their i was constantly getting my medicine doses ramped up until i was on borderline overdose, (I was diagnosed with ADHD and aspergers syndrome at a young age, so i was prescribed pills to deal with them)
and that was the last straw for me
eventually she got sick of me and now i've ended up back with my mother high up in the mountains, and now i'm happy because my mother actually understands my behaviour and when i'm in a bad mood
and so far i havent been in a bad mood since
i'm in a much better place, where people with my interests are common
and my interests aren't considered taboo.
now, how did i develop my art skills?
i met some people along the way who taught me some new things, like how to shade better, better body proportions, and how to even my perspective out,
i also watched some youtube tutorials as well, so, yeah!

welp, thats all the tings that have been going on, and now i'm back and im here to stay!
thanks for taking the time to read this and have a good day!


Damn that's some tough shit, I'm glad you're back where you are welcomed.
by JasonTheGamer, 15 September 2017 03:20
by theloganberrypiq, 15 September 2017 04:13
dang, that's a lot.

I'm autistic, but i've never had to take medication for it.

at least not that I know of...
by lunageek520, 22 November 2017 20:52
the medication was for the ADHD the aspergers isn't that bad so I don have to worry about it
by theloganberrypiq, 22 November 2017 23:08

that's good, I gues.
by lunageek520, 22 November 2017 23:09
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