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pixel art Sketch by EPIC piq
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22 August 2017 01:03
colour distribution

It's kinda bad so I may work on it later. I never really practiced landscape because I always focused on learning portrait. If I try this again I'll put more time and effort into it.


by randompiqsarecool, 22 August 2017 01:05
Its cool to see you draw something different than usual
by creeperslayer098, 22 August 2017 01:31
Quite frankly this is the kind of stuff I should have always been drawing. Going forward I might not go back to what I used to do, or at very least it's not going to be the same.
by EPIC, 22 August 2017 01:42
Well whatever you plan on doing in the future, I'll be looking forward to it c:
by creeperslayer098, 22 August 2017 18:37
Part of learning art is exploring it and going out of your comfort zone. Im constantly changing the stuff im drawing. Those weird kaleidoscope drawings are the ones I have fun with but other than those I just try to practice drawing in different styles. Find my strengths and weaknesses with drawing. Im not looking to be a great artist or anything. Hell, this site was meant to be a hobby for me but I fell in love with it a lot more than I ever thought I would. Just keep trying different things until you find your way of putting your own taste into your art and are proud of it
by Kairi Lon, 25 August 2017 14:49
You're completely right. Personally I never really felt like I had an Identity here on piq, so now I just want to do things that would characterize me better. The main reason why I came here was so that I could have a place that I could create and share art. Somehow I managed really liking this site too, so I doubt I could just forget about it and move on. I like to be ambitious with my art so when ever it doesn't reach my expectations it drives me crazy. Basically, I've already known the type of things I want to draw but I just haven't been able to produce the results that I desire. So at this point the main thing I'm trying to do is think differently.
by EPIC, 25 August 2017 15:33
Im going to link an image and see if piq wont instantly destroy my comment but its a very important one that helps me a lot with the feeling of not being able to make anything I feel good of:rivenrod.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/thegap.gif
by Kairi Lon, 25 August 2017 17:01
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