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dont look up he said

by Shawsnow

dont look up he said
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18 August 2017 19:03
colour distribution

blue tear got up from his cell and slowly walked to the open door where the figure as. he was no afraid for he thought it was certainly kirto. the figure grabbed blue tears hand.

"we're gonna leave this place. but i need you to look down. dont look up." the figure said it softly

blue looked down as his arm was pulled,forcing him to walk with the figure.

after walking for what seemed like an hour. he smelled smoke and ash. he hear crackling that sounded like fire.

he felt burning left and right of him. though he ignored it. he just looked down..


wow! great story, the drawing is great as well!
look foward to seeing how this goes!
also, please look at my most recent drawing.
by lunageek520, 18 August 2017 19:26
i did see the recent drawing ;-;

but thanks for complimenting ;w;
by Shawsnow, 18 August 2017 19:33

keep it up oml it's so great :OO
by UniMilki, 18 August 2017 19:52
yay! he's gonna be be free!!!
by randompiqsarecool, 18 August 2017 20:35
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