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by KingKarl

pixel art Windwhip by KingKarl piq
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15 August 2017 03:04
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Windwhips are quite a unique plant, having completely adapted to its enviroment on the wind-swept steppes of Wurgazhan. The wind carries the sweet scent of its purple stalk across the plains, attracting bugs of varying sizes to it. and with the same wind it unleashes its many sticky tendrils that with the help of the wind catches the flies that soon surround it. and as the wind sooths down, the Windwhip will retracts its tendrils, wrapping them around the purple stalk, and in due time, dissolve the day´s catch.

there have been a lot of unique uses for the Windwhip throughout the ages. sometimes its sweet stalk has been ground up and turned into a tea or even candy. at other times the purple stalk, dried up and powderized and mixed with water, has been used as a temporary dye.
But one of its most practical uses have been as a navigational tool on ships. As a ship hosts one of these, they will send their sweet scent with the wind, and if any lands are within reach then insects will start flocking from that direction. the amount of bugs often being an indication as to the distance to nearest shore.


It looks like something from Over The Garden Wall!
by WatchfulEye, 15 August 2017 03:11
thats an intresting take on it.
by KingKarl, 15 August 2017 03:16
remarkable ~ the plant as a navigational tool! Land Ho! :)
by catzndragonz, 19 November 2017 22:55
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