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George the Fish-Girl (Adoptable)

by Jo-Jo

pixel art George the Fish-Girl (Adoptable)  fishbowl adoptable object head girl by Jo-Jo piq
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31 July 2017 23:40
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Well, Shawsnow(Rocklore) left piq and gave me back the adoptable character. So it's up for adoption again!

I did a little bit of update on her new look. She wears a raincoat and a one-piece swimsuit underneath, rainboots, and she is now the goldfish her skin is orange. (Shes got lil rainboots too)

To win her, draw her! Whoever's looks the most adorable without being chibi wins!



can she swim?

and what if the tank breaks and the goldfish gets out?

:3 srry for askin so many questions
by BananaExtract, 01 August 2017 01:54
yeah she can swim, the hands pick her out of the bowl and place her into water and the body goes into sleep mode!

if the bowl breaks she basically transforms into a goldfish lookin zora (legend of zelda breath of the wild)

or if you dont really like that idea

the goldfish falls out and the body automatically picks it up and puts it in the closest thing of water
by Jo-Jo, 01 August 2017 13:38
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