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Here ya go, funky!

by Jo-Jo

pixel art Here ya go, funky!  wolf request furry by Jo-Jo piq
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13 July 2017 22:30
colour distribution

It's a little different from my usual stuff, i used thicker lines so you'd be able to see icon better.

I was trying to see how fast I could draw this and then my internet went out so it seems waayy longer than it actually was, it took about 10-15 minutes which isnt too bad I think!

Normally I delete the request piq after they upload it on their page but is it okay if I keep it up on mine?
I'm pretty proud of it!



I have a request, but don't feel pressured into doing this.
A post apocalyptic survivor.
I literally just have 3 things I want for them, you can take this any way you want otherwise.
First is that they are wearing a half face respirator, with a normal filter on one side, and a hose/tube on the other.
second is that they have a loose, almost steampunk or medieval hoodie.
and third, they have an AK-47, or a Kalashnikov AKM, which is the modernized version.
and, deep breath, i'm done.
by lunageek520, 13 July 2017 22:59
I didn't realize it would be that long, sorry.
by lunageek520, 13 July 2017 23:00
its a bit complex for me sorry,

when i do stuff like that i usually get paid to do it
by Jo-Jo, 13 July 2017 23:02
nice work :P
by Tiok1, 13 July 2017 23:02
by Jo-Jo, 13 July 2017 23:04
Holy fucking hell, thank you so much!
by dafunkyemo, 14 July 2017 00:28
And, dude, don't worry lol. I'm fine with you keeping it up on your page. :p
by dafunkyemo, 14 July 2017 00:28
this looks great yo!
by DanTreeBow, 14 July 2017 01:54
I'm glad!! Ty!!

by Jo-Jo, 14 July 2017 02:55
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