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Unnamed OC

by Dragonfeather

branched from by Dragonfeather

Unnamed OC
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09 July 2017 22:10
colour distribution

This is a design for an OC that I plan on making. it is currently undergoing many changes, but this is the first 'prototype.' Give her a name if you'd like! She is one of many forest-dwelling bird like people who protect their home, the last rain forest on Earth. After the destruction of almost all wild life on earth, these protectors hide in the trees, willing to defend the rain forest from anyone who tries to invade. I may actually write a story about this. I might change the OC entirely, and if I do, this will become an adopt.


it's so unique! and such pretty colors! (even though its just green and black XD)

i would name her "branch"
by Shawsnow, 10 July 2017 00:16
I know that this name has no significance whatsoever but Islne (I-SELL-NEE).
by Xyzzulous, 12 July 2017 02:19
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