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Ask Me!

by cooldude95

Ask Me!
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26 June 2017 19:52
colour distribution

Ask me, cooldude95, aything you want!
*No inappropriate questions.
*No cussing WHATSOEVER.
*No troll links.
If you want me to roleplay as any other video game characters, here are the limits:
*Bendy And The Ink Machine
*Hello Neighbor
Sonic The Hedgehog


Why am I asking you this pointless question?
by lunageek520, 27 June 2017 15:13
i gotta a question for bendy :>

what do you think of sammy?
by Shawsnow, 27 June 2017 16:23
Is that you?
cause if it is, you look like Sans combined with Papyrus combined with Harry Potter.
Just sayin'
by lunageek520, 27 June 2017 23:55
Firstly, that's my best try at pixelizing myself, so keep in mind that I don't entirely look exactly like this.
by cooldude95, 01 July 2017 02:30
Second, I hate Joey A LOT mainly for what he did to Boris. Now, fortunately, me and Henry fixed Boris, but... I WILL NEVER FORGIVE JOEY.
by Bendy, 01 July 2017 02:32
she/he said "sammy", not my name silly
by Joey, 01 July 2017 02:34
Oh, sorry. Anyways, first off, Sammy... needs help. I mean, he's been acting really weird around me, calling me, and I quote, "my lord". What does that mean? I mean, why does he worship me every time I wake up (quite litteraly, I might add) and DON'T get me started on his song. I swear, if I hear it again, I'll go hide in the void with Gaster!
by Bendy, 04 July 2017 01:26
Ummm..... why do u look like underswap sans and what is your favorite character in the undertale or the undertale fandom
by Wolf86911, 14 February 2018 01:51
oops I mean underswap papyrus
by Wolf86911, 14 February 2018 01:51
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