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Hand of Izabinn

by Doctor_Pivot

pixel art Hand of Izabinn jar evil hand by Doctor_Pivot piq
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17 June 2017 23:43
colour distribution

Best not to open the jar...


I like this, its not the best but I can think of stories and such, better than amazingly drawn images. If this is from something forgive me for not knowing what it was from.
by FriedBreadCritique, 19 June 2017 01:14
Yah i know its not but thanks alot
and the name was made up...
by Doctor_Pivot, 19 June 2017 03:17
actually let me correct myself. I guess the name was inspired by a game called DeadBolt and one of the enemies you face is called Ibzan.

its got nothin to do with the picture though...
by Doctor_Pivot, 19 June 2017 03:19
Thanks, for the name of the game, even if it didn't inspire the drawing,
by FriedBreadCritique, 19 June 2017 22:41
by FriedBreadCritique, 19 June 2017 22:41
That's what I write pretty much evey time, I need something new to say...
by lunageek520, 23 June 2017 20:07
lol "best not open the jar"?
by Doctor_Pivot, 24 June 2017 03:37
You know what you should do with the jar? put it in a bigger jar.
That way, if someone does try to open it, it'll be more complicated.
That would stop them...
by lunageek520, 24 June 2017 20:15
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