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Short Story Part 2

by lunageek520

branched from by lunageek520

pixel art Short Story Part 2 Biohazard Story Postapoc wasteland Bunker War landscape by lunageek520 piq
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25 May 2017 13:57
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2130: the following text is based on information from the terminal in Bunker 17. The only known survivor in the bunker is an unnamed soldier from the U.S. Army. It appears that due to some kind of power failure, the bunker’s cryofreeze chambers stopped working. Most of the inhabitants had undergone frostbite while they were “asleep”, but one man, who was in an experimental sleep chamber which worked through being submerged in water and having a non-toxic, non-harmful gas pumped into a breathing mask.

The power for the cryofreeze chambers had completely failed. The lone survivor, an unnamed soldier, awoke in a completely abandoned bunker. He went to the supply room and grabbed some basic weapons, food items, and other useful items, such as a M50 American Gas Mask, a bag, a flare gun, and one flare.

He ventured towards the exit, and was about to leave the bunker, when an experimental device he had picked up, not unlike a Geiger counter, said in a mechanical voice “Air quality unsafe. Protective measures advised.” Upon hearing this, the survivor put on the mask, and left the room. Of course, he was a soldier so he did the proper checks to make sure that the mask sealed before leaving, that is, he put his hand over the air intake and breathed in. The mask had sealed so he left and saw that the world was changed drastically. The surrounding area was completely leveled and was filled with rubble. He could see mist rising from the ground and there was a small desolate forest behind him.

A few credits for the drawing:
The trees were inspired by 8-bit adventurer.

The bio-hazard symbol was originally made by WhatsHisFace.


Wow! Great!
by 3002727, 25 May 2017 16:12
by lunageek520, 25 May 2017 16:15
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