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Short Story Part 1

by lunageek520

pixel art Short Story Part 1 Story Creepy Postapoc Doomsday Virus War by lunageek520 piq
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24 May 2017 18:29
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In 2018, a war broke out. Some people called it World War 3, but those who fought in it simply called it “The War.”

The brutality of “The War” increased until Russian scientists created a new strain of the flu. They called it vladychestvo (that is, “Dominion”) and released it on the United States. It was a brutal disease, killing you in 3 days - three excruciatingly painful days. A secret group of scientists in the U.S. government created new gases, basing them on the gases used in the gas chambers of WW2 German concentration camps. The military proceeded to release these gases on Russia, but they absorbed certain particulates in the atmosphere and transformed them, causing the gas to spread over most of the globe. Almost all people went into underground bunkers and entered cryofreeze - unless they were unfortunate, or maybe fortunate enough, to die from the gases. The bunkers were numbered based on their location.

The Earth soon became uninhabited by humans, and few animals survived. Those that did were mutated by the gases, and became very dangerous.


thats actually pretty cool
by marioziehm, 24 May 2017 21:13
Thanks. I wrote it back in febuary, and it never got graded, but I was like, "Hey, might as well show it to some people"
by lunageek520, 24 May 2017 21:24
by AnnyGValdez, 27 June 2017 02:27
Thank you!
I love getting feedback on my stuff, so I'm always happy when it happens, even if it's negative.
by lunageek520, 27 June 2017 15:10
I'm looking foward for more!
by AnnyGValdez, 28 June 2017 00:43
Just remembered this thing, I need to track down the file, but i'll finish this, hopefully this summer.
by lunageek520, 21 July 2017 02:50
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