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by rosefirefly

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pixel art untitled by rosefirefly piq
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28 April 2017 18:45
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Yo hey I haven't been on piq much lately ots starting to be that time of year were we start for our summer migration when school gets extramly hard and we lose touch with piq but we always come back in the end! Eny who to my point I don't think I've been give the people on here the apretiaton I normal do... I've been slacking... I wanted to let you know that I still care about you and every person on here!!! I feel really bad expeshallly after yer vent a little wile ago... I haven't been on piq much and alot of piqsters have been useing dicord... it's like pure beutifule controlled chaos there... and if ya need enything just find the PIQ discord server! We will always be somewere even if it's not here... ok this didn't make sence at all. Basicly sorry I've been slacking on support we care about you byeeeee!
by DareWolf, 08 May 2017 03:20
It's ok dare. Thanks for saying something ^w^
I do not want discord or whatever that is. I do not want to contribute to what's been causing people to slack off and nearly abandon piq. I will forever be a passionate digital artist who loves the dear piq family I've found, but I will not leave piq or be less active. I have only not been as active recently due to my computer gaining a virus
by rosefirefly, 09 May 2017 04:23
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