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ask bendy and friends

by Shawsnow101

ask bendy and friends
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23 April 2017 03:31
colour distribution

before the comments blow im gonna point the comments people may actully say
1.i know its cringy to do an ask on a game like this

2.i get it bendy is a boy so the body should be rectanguler

3.i know bendy is a demon so he doesnt have fur but i think he does since its MY art style

4.i get it i sould not use so much blur

5.im an idiot


Because i get to come only so often i'll ask, where exactly is your point of origin? My 'friends' and I have been dying to know. Response is optional...
by Kelvar Gunnara, 23 April 2017 13:03
i....really dont liketalking about my point in origin
by Shawsnow101, 23 April 2017 19:21
That is totally fine by me, I don't like discuss mine either. Partiality because I get criticized for what I am. That's way I hang with all the Atheists.
by Kelvar Gunnara, 25 April 2017 01:52
by Kelvar Gunnara, 25 April 2017 01:52
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