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Q & A

by Jo-Jo

pixel art Q & A im so tired tfw you quit doing homework for 3 months or so and now you have to catch up so you dont flunk neat answers guys :') by Jo-Jo piq
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20 April 2017 00:38
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Q1:"I suppose one more if thats alright, what drove you to piq of all places? its a very obscure and niche community and im always curious about what brought its talented patrons to its odd digital halls"

Q2:"What brought you here? And what do you think about the future as of now?"

A1: Aw, ya flatter me. It's pretty hard to find an unblocked site with my school's resrictions and what-not so I stuck to it I guess. Drawing on shitty programs, like mspaint is pretty fun so I'll stop by here and there.

A2:I don't really think anything of the future as of now.
I love seeing the outlook of the future from the 80's, 90's, etc. Although, I'm making a story where aliens have taken over already; showing what happens in their everyday lives, so I guess you can say that's how I see what could happen in the future.


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