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Exploring past and future periods

by pixelwiz

pixel art Exploring past and future periods by pixelwiz piq
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14 June 2012 22:46
colour distribution

During Cambrian period dinosaurs roam the earth (1). Mass extinction of dinosaurs at end of Cretaceous period (2 and 3). Human colonisation of Mars sometime in the future... (4)


this is really cool!
by lostarms, 14 June 2012 16:55
very nice, and at 2.16 pixels per second :)
by Tom, 14 June 2012 23:37
yes, or 2.16216216216 etc... :) Wonder what that number says?
by pixelwiz, 15 June 2012 22:55
Talking about numbers, what would be quite nice is a "like per view" measure... Maybe I should suggest this in the forum?
by pixelwiz, 24 June 2012 13:54
yeah I've thought about that too - ideally thought it would be % of viewers who liked it, (otherwise if someone likes it, and thus views it loads, that decreases the likes/view)
by Tom, 24 June 2012 23:10
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