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Talrithian Dragon Knight

by KingKarl

branched from by KingKarl

pixel art Talrithian Dragon Knight by KingKarl piq
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21 March 2017 01:37
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(earlier spoopier dragon knights with retconned lore)

Dragon Knight of Talrith

Talrithian "Odleung" Dragon Knight
Talrithian "Odleung" Dragon Knight

Lore: Human Form.

Weither it was through a curse, through shamanistic shapeshifting spells or good ol fashioned strange magic coursing through the lands, the end result was that many dragons obtained the ability to change form, specificly a more humanoid form, tho they still carried a lot of the characteristics of a dragon, including the strength.

A human form meant for many disadvantages, but contrary to popular belief there were positive aspects as well, such as them needing less food and rest after becoming exhausted.
This also meant that dragons could enjoy life some more, as delicate food and drink became far more avaiable for them.

Lore: Dragons in Talrith.

During the reign of Vragaur Silverskull dragons in human form seeped into Talrith, often being employed as warriors. This came as a result of the king, Vragaur, having married Kierexi, a dragoness, thus paving the way for dragons to be integrated somewhat.

Lore: Dragon knights.

dragons knights were the official name for dragons who became warriors under the king. Their strength becoming a great asset for whoever rules over Talrith. Vragaur founded the first Dragon knight chapter where he gathered all the dragons around and organized them into a capable fighting force. an elite force capable of countering heavy infantry of other kingdoms, and throughout the ensuing wars that came as a result of the recent unification between talrithians and dragons.


[this comment was deleted by TERRARIAN ARTIST ]
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 21 March 2017 03:29
If what fits?
by KingKarl, 21 March 2017 12:12
as always 10/10
by ahayden, 21 March 2017 12:16
We all knew this would happen
by Someone Next Door, 21 March 2017 13:04
cool :>
by AoiUchida, 21 March 2017 13:25
thankez to all of ye.
by KingKarl, 21 March 2017 13:37
Ehh...Anyways how does one become "dragon".
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 22 March 2017 02:39
You can't become a dragon, dragons can assume humanoid forms tho.
by KingKarl, 22 March 2017 11:10
well that was unexpected
by Chaoswander, 23 March 2017 18:27
what was?
by KingKarl, 23 March 2017 19:36
you doing a knight....like its so unusual
by Chaoswander, 24 March 2017 16:34
retconned lore? uhhhh karl.....fix your spelling lol
by ahayden, 24 March 2017 17:50
Retconned is an actual word.
by KingKarl, 24 March 2017 17:53
by ahayden, 24 March 2017 17:55
google it XD
by Chaoswander, 24 March 2017 17:58
this is basic, ahayden! argh!
by KingKarl, 24 March 2017 18:00
XD I've never heard the word retconned before lol
by ahayden, 24 March 2017 18:31
you dont check up enough nerd stuff, you non-nerd!
by KingKarl, 24 March 2017 19:02
eh I play video games, d&d, and go to school so......
by ahayden, 24 March 2017 19:11
you are an embarassment to this comment section.
by KingKarl, 24 March 2017 19:37
you should be ashamed
by Chaoswander, 27 March 2017 13:57
by ahayden, 03 April 2017 12:55
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