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100 Truths

by ginny2670

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100 Truths
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20 March 2017 02:18
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Yes, I know this is one of the oldest pics in the history of pic but I just feel like I have been gone so long and I want to give you guys a chance to know the new me.

The rest will be uploaded soon....

*Last beverage ~ Squirt, amazing soda
*Last phone call ~ Ma bestie
*Last text message ~ The last dm on twitter was from my BFF?? If that counts instead since I don't have a phone
*Last song you listened to ~ Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran because I have fallen in love with this song
*Last time you cried ~ last night

*Dated someone ~ I am not allowed to date til I'm 16 but I have been asked out more than a couple of times
*Been cheated on ~ Never dated so n/a
*Kissed someone & regretted it ~ I haven't kissed anyone yet so...
*Lost someone special ~ I have lost quite a few special people but all were just friends that friendships fell through along the way
*Been depressed ~ Yes...
*Been drunk and threw up ~ No and I never want to

*Dark Blue
*Light Green
*Dark and Light Purple but not in between

*Made a new friend ~ Yes
*Fallen out of love ~ n/a
*Laughed until you cried ~ Of course, cause I'm that insane
*Met someone who changed you ~ Not yet, I mean the year just started but last year I did
*Found out who your true friends were ~ I already knew who my real friends were but idk I guess you never know
*Worst thing anyone has called you ~ idk my siblings can be brutal sometimes
*Kissed anyone on your FB friends list ~ n/a since I also don't have facebook

*How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life ~ n/a
*Favorite book(S)-(totally did not add in that s right there!) ~ Tigers Curse, Percy Jackson, Silence, Follow Me Back, and The Cell Phone Swap
*Do you have any pets ~ I had a parrot when I was little but it died so not anymore...
*Do you want to change your name ~ Sometimes I go through phases when I really like a certain name and either want to change my name or name my firstborn child that but not at the moment
*What did you do for your last birthday ~ Invited my friends over and hung out and had a sleepover with games, scary stories, food, and music
*What time did you wake up today ~ 8:30 am
*What were you doing at midnight last night ~ For once I was actually asleep can't say the same for the night before though
*Name something you CANNOT wait for ~ The end of the school year or SUMMER
*Last time you saw your Mother ~ 3 hours ago
*What is one thing you wish you could change about your life ~ I wish that I didn't have all the stress I do from school and everything and that I felt like I was actually worth something to someone
*What are you listening to right now ~ music, Young Blood by Bea Miller, I have literally all of her songs on my playlist
*Have you ever talked to a person named Tom ~ I can say I have honestly never met anyone named Tom and never spoken to one either
*What's getting on your nerves right now ~ my sisters innocent view on the world and how good everything and everyone seems to be
*Most visited web page ~ Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Wattpad, Spotify; all of those are basically my life and without them all I would legit die of boredom
*Favorite Hobby ~ Writing; it could be a story of a book, a poem or a song, anything with writing and I can do it and love to do it; I also love to sing and want to be a singer/author when I grow up
*Nicknames ~ I don't really have any
*Relationship Status ~ Very much a Single Pringle
*Zodiac sign ~ A strong Capricorn all the way
*Male or female ~ Female, if that wasn't obvi
*Elementary ~ I had 2, Senita Valley (2nd-5th) and Cottonwood (Kindergarten and 1st)
*Middle School ~ I had 2, AZVA (6th) and Vail Academy (7th and 8th)
*High school ~ Will be in high school next year and I am going to Andrada
*Hair color ~ GUESS WHAT! I am no longer a boring brown but I finally got highlights and have blonde streaks throughout my hair now that actually look natural!!
*Tall or short ~ I am definitely short
*Height ~ I am around 5 feet and an inch
*Do you have a crush on someone? ~ Totes do
*What do you like about yourself? ~ I think I like my hair and my eyes/eyelashes the most... my eyes are this amazing shade of blue but have a ring of gold around the center of my eye making them really unique
*Piercings ~ Just ears
*Tattoos ~ None
*Righty or lefty ~ LEFTY!! <3 I am apart of that 13% that is better than everyone else, jk we all equal

*First surgery ~ Never had any surgery
*First piercing ~ Ears, when I was 12
*First best friend ~ My first best friend was when I was three and I think her name was Katelyn
*First sport you joined ~ Soccer, the only sport I will willingly play on a team except for Gaga Ball
*First vacation ~ It was either Utah or Nevada and it was to visit my grandparents over the summer
*First Video game: Minecraft, though I don't play anymore because I ran out of enough storage to have the app
*First crush? ~ Technically a guy named Eddie but idk what I saw in him and it was 2nd grade

*Eating ~ Nothin :P
*Drinking ~ Nothing...
*I'm about to ~ Go take a shower when I am done with this...
*Listening to ~ Music, You're Worth It by Cimorelli
*Waiting for ~ This to finally be done...

*Want kids? ~ I want maybe a set of twins or triplets and then to adopt one or two kids... I want triplets so I can name them Melody, Symphony, and Harmony
*Get Married? ~ If I find the right guy
*Career? ~ Singer with albums and stuff and on the side author

*Lips or eyes ~ Eyes, of course
*Hugs or kisses ~ Hugs <3
*Shorter or taller ~ Definitely taller because I've always wanted to have a guy who is taller than me since I am so short
*Older or Younger ~ I don't care as long as they are close to my age
*Romantic or spontaneous ~ Definitely romantic, because I am definitely the type who loves grand gestures and simple gifts like flowers and chocolate
*Nice stomach or nice arms ~ Nice stomach...
*Sensitive or loud ~ Sensitive <3
*Hook-up or relationship ~ Relationship >3<
*Troublemaker or hesitant ~ Whoever I seem to like at the moment...

*Kissed a stranger ~ Nope that's disgusting
*Drank hard liquor ~ Just 14... so no...
*Lost glasses/contacts ~ I broke my glasses... o.O Like four times and then lost them 5 times XD And now GUESS WHAT!! I have contacts now so I have lost those like 2 times, once for each eye at different times and I have torn them like 4 times
*Sex on first date ~ Never been on a date... and I believe in sex after marriage
*Broken someone's heart ~ yes but I didn't mean to
*Had your own heart broken ~ No.. ?
*Turned someone down ~ Yeah, more than a couple of times
*Cried when someone died ~ Who doesn't? o.O, Of course, I'm not heartless, and now a majority of those deaths were fictional peoples it still happened so yea...
*Fallen for a friend ~ Maybe...and maybe he liked me back.....

*Yourself ~ Not at all...
*Miracles ~ Yes...
*Love at first sight ~ Depends on the situation
*Heaven ~ Yes
*Santa Claus ~ No, sorry to crush all those little kids dreams...
*Kiss on the first date ~ Depends on how long I have known them before the date
*Angels ~ Yes :3

*Had more than one gf/bf ~ NEVER HAD ONE OKAY? n/a
*Last time you were depressed ~ Today, this morning
*Did you sing today ~ I am totally not singing to You're Not Alone by Owl City right now
*Ever cheated on somebody ~ Nope
*Ever wanted to die ~ So many times and still want to
*If you could pick a day from last year what day what would you relieve? ~ I am cheating and saying a day from this year, which would be any day that I was on the CIMI trip because for once since 6th grade I was happy and didn't feel like killing myself (that was super dark, sorry)
*Did you see questions were missing ~ No, and I don't care this took forever to type as it is
*Afraid of posting this as 100 truths ~ Nope


by creeperslayer098, 20 March 2017 02:24
by ginny2670, 20 March 2017 03:11
omg I thought you were ded and now your alives (you don't know me)
by jamkitty4, 20 March 2017 03:18
Hi, yeah I just got my account back. Before I lost my password and it wouldn't let me in with the new one. Basically I got locked out. But now I am back because I got it fixed... so yeah. Anyway hello random internet person who knows me but I don't know them.
by ginny2670, 20 March 2017 03:25
ha hello
by jamkitty4, 20 March 2017 04:01
by ginny2670, 21 March 2017 01:41
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