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Bakkal Swordsman

by KingKarl

branched from by KingKarl

pixel art Bakkal Swordsman by KingKarl piq
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17 March 2017 03:05
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Bakkal Lore

Bakkalian swordsmen are not really an organized and recognized unit of soldiers. They are known for wielding high quality steel swords that, in contrast to the one wielding it, are completely out of place. light, strong and sharp.
their armor is often cloth, fur, sometimes gambeson and thick leather. They sometimes also have the fortune of owning iron shields, tho the shields were either cheapily bought from other independant blacksmiths often found in bandit camps, or they make the shields themselves. tho its not uncommon for whole groups of bakkalians to be clad from top to bottom in scavenged and stolen gear.
This is also why Bakkalians are dangerous foes as they easily and quickly amass numbers of hardened folk that are decently equipped.

Bakkalians are present throughout the main continent of verge but congregate on Bakkal specificly.


nice. i like the texture on the shirt
by ahayden, 17 March 2017 13:47
i also think it wound up looking pretty damn good. im getting better at drawing fur-textures.
by KingKarl, 17 March 2017 16:39
how did you do the texture anyways?
by ahayden, 17 March 2017 17:58
lots of small lines layer with more lines layered with more lines, each line being colored in such a way as to make it look shiny or dark.
by KingKarl, 17 March 2017 18:25
dude have you thought of making YouTube videos?....
by ahayden, 17 March 2017 18:48
not on the topic of drawing.
by KingKarl, 17 March 2017 19:01
maybe you should tho...
by ahayden, 17 March 2017 19:04
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