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Sex = Gender

by Lemmino Pixel

Sex = Gender
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12 March 2017 21:09
colour distribution

Go ahead ask how.


let x represtent # of Genders

x = 2 ✔

x > 2 ✖
by TotallyTotaled, 12 March 2017 23:23
Gender is like faith and religion now.

Nothing really to back it up, but it's opinion what is existing and what is not.

I think that's kinda cool.
by UN1Q3, 13 March 2017 00:54

I'm just going to side with biology on this one.
by TotallyTotaled, 13 March 2017 01:10
Well this escalated really fast from 0 to 1000.

I get what you're saying though.
by UN1Q3, 13 March 2017 03:54
People should say whatever they want when it comes to these arguments about gender and sexes and shit as long as it doesn't turn into "NO YOU ARE ASSHOLE BECAUSE I AM BETTER AND MY OPINION IS 100% RIGHT AND YOU SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO SAY WHAT YOU FUCKING THINK"
That shit happens way too often really
by ArtRager, 13 March 2017 04:08
Listen lemmino, I know you are quite young, but it is factually correct that there is no correlation in the definitions.

Read this:
the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones).

either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions.

So as far as the dictionary and legal world is concerned you are wrong.

by Jankovic123, 13 March 2017 13:08
You are factually incorrect, you cannot be this ignorant as to ignore the scientific definitions of gender and sex

Alright, so what you are saying is because your brain chemistry depends on your sex, gender is sex?

What are men with low levels of testostorone then, or women with too much testostorone?

Im just saying that as long as the scientific definition states that gender is predicated on social roles, then that is the definition.

Stating gender= sex is incorrect according to the US goverment.

Either you are right or the US goverment is, and lets be honest its clearly the US goverment.

by Jankovic123, 13 March 2017 16:25
I'd be more concerned about the fact that RE4P is saying that you are aspergis 2.
by Jankovic123, 13 March 2017 16:25
Make sure not to misinterpret peopke not responding to the above few paragraphs as them suddenly being convinced that you are right.

Most likely they jyst gave up and don't see the pointof the argument at this point.

Not saying you are wrong, just don't think that silence from the opposition equals victory.
by ArtRager, 14 March 2017 15:33
yeah art ranger is right.

Im not reading that.

The medical definition is correct, anybody debating it is not correct.
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 16:34
I think what you are saying is that sex can impact gender, and therefor gender is the same as sex.

That is incredibly ignorant.
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 16:41
"If you don't even hold the possession to have the patience and read"

nigga wat lol
by Lumpkins, 14 March 2017 16:54
"I wasn't silent, it took forever to upload."

What I meant with my above comment about how "silence from the opposition doesn't mean victory" came from how I noticed that it was a long time until anyone responded to Lemmino's... essay thing.

Also I did read it and he talks about John Money a lot. John Money doing fucked up shit is basically Lemmino's entire foundation of his argument in the above essay-rant.
by ArtRager, 14 March 2017 17:01
Also I was worried that Lemmino would assume that just because of the silence that he won the entire argument. (sorry for posting another unnecessary comment but I forgot to include the above detail)
by ArtRager, 14 March 2017 17:03
because it wasnt david´s choice. plenty of men who become women who never look back even once.

it comes down to how our brains are wired.
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 17:08
Yeah i mean if your going to reference a very specific instance as your entire basis for your point then i could go for thousands of examples of dudes who feel like chicks with no external forces applied outside of society, i think the overabundance of labels for every unsure persons individual place on the vast network of uncertainty that is the human experience is really convoluted and divisive but acknowledging the study and separation of these 2 terms is important and how those interactions apply in society and psychology is important to not purposefully ignore.
by Lumpkins, 14 March 2017 17:17
Biologically if he was having surgery i would call him a dude because he has a penis, his sex is male, in a social setting i dont give a fuck because i dont care about making up pointless labels, i would probably just call it by its damn name lol
by Lumpkins, 14 March 2017 17:23
a confused feminine man.
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 17:25
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 17:25
If you just said hes confused and conflicted with feelings of femininity and is doing so publicly then thats the exact opposite of being socially and mentally a male
by Lumpkins, 14 March 2017 17:36
gender is also dependant on social functions, meaning that it is not entirely equal to sex.

Think about it this, why would there be a separate definition of gender if sex is supposedly the same.

At the end of the day, gender is just a word, it has legal value, which means one cannot disregard the definition.
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 17:47
this is such a fucked up topic, mainly because people make it more than it is.

basic facts are.

there are men and there are women.
Sometimes people fall inbetween the two sexes both physically and psychologically.
Sometimes people have the physics of one yet the psychology of the other.

by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 17:48
Sex = gender?

I guess so...

male = male

female = female
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 14 March 2017 17:56
but what of the cases where men are not confused and feel like a woman to the point where they whole-heartedly want to commit to a surgery.

a man is not psychologically wired to be "a man" by the virtue of being born as one.
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 18:02
Lemmino, stop comparing objects with organic living beings, or else your arguments is akin to that of anti-evolutionists who argue "chance cant create lamborghinis, only intelligient design can, thus we were intelligiently designed".
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 18:06
Some how I think watching this may kill this argument or just add more fire to the raging flames...(https://youtu.be/66sb9NCq9eI )
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 14 March 2017 18:07
oh god please no.....

there are men, there are women, and then there is a gradience.
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 18:09
At this point this argument is pointless because it's 99.99% guaranteed neither side is going to convince/disprove the other side of anything.

Arguments about things like these only really matter when on a much larger scale, like between politicians or large political groups, etc. not between a few people on an obscure art site.
by ArtRager, 14 March 2017 18:15
the table analogy is a retarded fucking analogy that places you on level with creationists.

organic beings are not furniture nor objects to begin with, this is fucking simple. this is 101.
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 18:16
I still pretty much agree with you Karl but I still get his analogy

basically he thinks that "the modern definition of gender" (basically how we are saying sex is different from gender) doesn't make any sense once you analyze it.
That's probably what he meant, I can't imagine he meant anything else.
by ArtRager, 14 March 2017 18:31
So we have established that sex=/= gender.

by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 18:47
I mean this is hardly even a argument, this is 3 adults correcting a child about his misinformed view that hes clearly based off of the bias of one story he read that he thinks makes him a college professor on a topic he knows only the surface level of and has already formulated a logic-hole ridden flawed narrative opinion based on that one bit of context which in actuality represents nothing at all. I doubt he'll stop thinking the way he does because hes clearly already influenced by a great degree of arrogance but i hope everyone else involved understands that's just not the fact of the matter.
by Lumpkins, 14 March 2017 18:47
I know, but hes clearly echoing somebody else's opinion, here, I kinda feel bad for him. Hes using phrases and analogies he doesn't understand himself...
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 18:48
here is the thing tho. what is between our legs doesnt nessecarily correlate with what is between our ears.

if we were to dismiss "men feeling like women" as being mentally ill then what about homosexuality? finding big dicks and muscles attractive is considered a female trait, yet men are capable of such attractions as well, and at this point it has been shown that there are plenty of benefits in a society/community when it has bisexual/homosexual members.

its also worth mentioning that men and women are essentially the same outside of a few body parts and estrogen/testosterone.
the things that make a woman a woman exist in men and the things that make men into men exists in women to a degree, at least the nessecary psychological features but even physical ones.
i mean, why else do you think we have nipples?

Men feeling like women or vice versa is very similiar to sexual preference in that its a natural phenomena created through the same process as our sexual preferences.

in the end, its silly to argue "male is male and female is female" when its clearly not that clearcut.

by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 18:58
i mean, one quick look at other lifeforms prove that gender is not clearcut.

Bacteria is hermaphroditic and fish as well as amphibians sometimes have the ability to change gender either out of nessecity or during a specific period during their life, which is without mentioning different mating habits.

the reason we are male our whole lives or female is because we lack the physical capability to change gender midway through our lives,
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 19:03
by LemmioPixel_Comments , 14 March 2017 19:05
oh no.....
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 19:05
CURE THE FAGGOTS! ZAP THEM WITH XRAYS UNTIL THEY STOP SUCKING DICKS! yeah your full on red pill lemmio, i at least hope your conscious enough to comprehend that
by Lumpkins, 14 March 2017 19:07
I think its painfully clear you dont know any gay people, considering you and your friends arent at the age where you know your sexuality.
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 19:08
Pure brilliance.
naturally occuring sexual preference = Mentally ill.
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 19:09
And do they know you think there both mentally diseased?
by Lumpkins, 14 March 2017 19:12
Mhm, do they happen to drill you too after you had your juiceboxes and peas?
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 19:13
Karl, he just debunked your whole argument with that stat. Dayum, that changes everything...
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 19:14
oh shit... i never thought i´d go up against such a intellctual beast of a man.
holy shit.
no such thing as a study being wrong or poorly constructed.
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 19:17
2% of forests are dry tropical deciduous forests, guess that shit isnt natural either
by Lumpkins, 14 March 2017 19:18
No country is stuffing homo erotic culture.

I cant beleive I'd be hearing something so intellectualy insulting form you Lemmino, especially considering you are a closeted homosexual!
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 19:18
btw guys, remember how the media properly predicted hillary clintons victory based on the statistics? neither do i.

but then again, i would call myself bisexual and thus mentally ill so that might be it.
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 19:19
your bisexual grog??
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 19:20
Yeah, your right, we are thickheaded, and you are the guy here claiming homosexuality is a mental illness.
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 19:23
in case you didn't know what mental illness is:

"a condition which causes serious disorder in a person's behaviour or thinking."
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 19:24
Getting called naive by a 15 year old who thinks homosexuality is a mental disorder is the best joke ive heard since getting called a rascist against brits
by Lumpkins, 14 March 2017 19:24
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! people making their own choices with their own bodies?! THEY ARE INSANE! THEY ARE SICK!
fucking weirdos, kill the whole lot of them before they procreate... oh wait, they cant.... STILL, KILL EM!
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 19:31
Janko already provided you with a definition that disproved your bullshit.

sex is natural. people have sex for three reasons aka dominance, reproduction, pleasure.

only one of those demand that the person is of the opposite sex.

mammals are naturally bisexual, because sex isnt just reproduction.
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 19:49
"im not bisexual, im straight" your preferences limit you to women, thats it.
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 19:50
'homo is a byproduct mental illness' no
by Sammichnatural, 14 March 2017 19:52
Again lemio showing his obvious bias based on his personal experiences, its the exact same shit with the John Money scenario, you have that one bit of evidence but then there are millions of other people that are just gay by no external forces other than society, how many times do i need to shoot holes in your strawmen before you stop talking
by Lumpkins, 14 March 2017 19:56
all animals that fuck for pleasure and dominance have bisexual tendencies. why is that?
simple. sex is natural, preferences are natural. sometimes a preference happens to limit a person to one or the other. sometimes it doesn´t limit you to strictly dicks or pussies.

my bisexual preference is not as much about "big burly hunks" as much as it is "cute guys". its still bisexual despite barely being non-straight.
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 19:57
So because somebody made up got raped as a child by a nigga, being gay is a mental illness.

By that logic straight people are mentally ill to, because most rapes are from men to women.
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 20:02
by Sammichnatural, 14 March 2017 20:05
what do you mean by normal? If you mean biologically regular, then homosexuality is natural, drugs are not a biological occurance.

Pedophilia is natural, even though it is a mental issue.

Okay, Lemmino is trolling, but regardless this is pretty funny.
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 20:07
lol how edgy can u be MDudeo
by Sammichnatural, 14 March 2017 20:08
i sow, therefore i am a satinist
by Sammichnatural, 14 March 2017 20:09
thats gonna be my yearbook quote
by Sammichnatural, 14 March 2017 20:10
no wonder you got muted salty kid.
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 20:10
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 20:12
by Sammichnatural, 14 March 2017 20:12
my question is what the mental issue is?
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 20:13
[this comment was deleted by Sammichnatural]
by Sammichnatural, 14 March 2017 20:13
'go to a mental hospital' nah
by Sammichnatural, 14 March 2017 20:14
yup. you heard it here folks. Oral and anal is unnatural, and people who like that stuff are mentally ill.

only vaginal from a missionary position.

we are good amish folk here. we grow our comment upon these lands. we draw barns.
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 20:14
by Sammichnatural, 14 March 2017 20:16
so is pedophilia caused by un-natural forces? Paranormal? Technical?

No its caused by natural deficiency in the brain.
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 20:17
im still trying to figure out why you asked me my gender the other day because thats what started all this shit
by Sammichnatural, 14 March 2017 20:21
i was born as a result of external forces.

by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 20:22
you can scream sex = gender all you want but youre really not going to stop me being who i am.

me not giving a shit whether people call me he she or they is not hurting anyone.
by Sammichnatural, 14 March 2017 20:23
sex = gender, because that is my opinion

homo = illness because I am homophobic

I have to tell people I won because I know I lost.

by Lemmino_Pixel_Comments, 14 March 2017 20:29
youre not right lmao.
by Sammichnatural, 14 March 2017 20:32
yeah, you are w r o n g
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 20:37
i think im starting to buy that this guy is a closet faggot, im with jank now
by Lumpkins, 14 March 2017 20:38
k, guys dont bully him, when he grows up he will look back and cringe at how retarded he was.
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 20:41
the ones who push the hardest are usually the ones locked in the closet.
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 20:41

Source me where anybody says its a fact.
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 20:41
yeah I do here:

Gender (Oxford dictionary):https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/gender

Sex (Oxford dictionary):https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/sex

"The difference between sex and gender" (Medical News Today):http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/232363.php

Distinctions between sex and gender (Virtual campus. academia)

get rekt you actual retard.
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 20:47
yeah that really shut you up.
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 21:02
l ma o
by Sammichnatural, 14 March 2017 21:02
Swyer syndrome
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 21:25
intersex ppl :3c
by Sammichnatural, 14 March 2017 21:31
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 14 March 2017 21:40
nice try lemino you actual spastic.
by Jankovic123, 14 March 2017 22:16
Lemmino could have saved himself some type by going to google and searching Swyer syndrome, but that would be very lemmino of lemmino to do that.
by KingKarl, 14 March 2017 22:51
I don't know what you were expecting lemmino, you don't talk about gender on an art website full of liberals.

Although and overly opinionated views with absolutely no valid evidence to show for it didn't really help your case, it was still fun watching this slow motion trainwreck unfold.
by TotallyTotaled, 15 March 2017 01:59
by ahayden, 15 March 2017 14:38
Love how he never recovered after I linked him my facts.

Im not even a liberal and I know sex=/= gender
by Jankovic123, 15 March 2017 16:07
Yeah this was never about left or right, i think its fair to say the 3 of us are moderates in many regards but this issue is just common sense
by Lumpkins, 15 March 2017 16:29
by the way, do you think tom is discussing anything with Dan, or is he just trying to get us off his ass.
by Jankovic123, 15 March 2017 16:31
same, it was quite funny
I am a liberal....kinda

I am a very open-minded person, I have my own views but I never ever push my views onto others. I enjoy hearing other peoples beliefs... its intriguing to me. I might ask a lot of whys and hows, but I never(at least I try not to) judge people solely on their beliefs
by ahayden, 15 March 2017 16:32
how can you not judge somebody that thinks homosexuality is a mental illness?
by Jankovic123, 15 March 2017 16:33
that is an exeption
by ahayden, 15 March 2017 16:46
Too often do I see someone complaining and trying to push their own selfish and irrational cause, primarily the erratic SJW's.
by TotallyTotaled, 15 March 2017 20:50
Far left is SJW label-whores and far right is holocaust deniers, its why i choose not to take sides because at there worst there both batshit insane
by Lumpkins, 15 March 2017 20:52
yup. Extremists of any kind are toxic, No matter what group or background.
by TotallyTotaled, 15 March 2017 20:57
guys this post is ded. Stop necroing it.
by Jankovic123, 15 March 2017 21:01
Oh my god, here we go.

Ill save you guys the effort.

There there, lemmino *pats on back patronisingly*

I know you think you are smart but you need to do some growing up to do, because EVERY single word in that pile of shit above is INCORRECT.
by Jankovic123, 15 March 2017 21:20
kek, mate, you need to grow up, because this is beyond stupid.

by Jankovic123, 15 March 2017 21:24
maybe if you read these you would understand. But of course you wont because you are extremely ignorant.
by Jankovic123, 15 March 2017 21:28
According to all known laws
of aviation,

there is no way a bee
should be able to fly.

Its wings are too small to get
its fat little body off the ground.

The bee, of course, flies anyway

because bees don't care
what humans think is impossible.
by heck, 15 March 2017 21:37
Your going in circles, we have disproved you before and I cant be arsed repeating this to you anymore.

Ill let the Karls put you back in your place.
by Jankovic123, 15 March 2017 22:07
you are debating the meaning of a word. A word which is clearly defined, and is factually correct.

The very fact that you think there is something here to debate is quite frankly hilarious/
by Jankovic123, 15 March 2017 22:08
but hypocritical how you call me out for insulting you, but its okay for you to do it.

Mate, we all know your a closeted homo, stop being such a dick about it.
by Jankovic123, 15 March 2017 22:21
also you can say you win a thousand times it never becomes any less false.
by Jankovic123, 15 March 2017 22:22
but lets talk about how this all started.

someone was minding their own buisness, you asked them a completely unrelated question and got pissed because of something that wasnt even your buisness.

you didnt win anything. you just started drama for the sake of it.
by Sammichnatural, 15 March 2017 22:24
Lemmino, the biggest sore loser of all time.
by Jankovic123, 15 March 2017 22:27
youre the one who just jumped on someone who was doing their own thing and talking about song lyrics, suddenly making everything about their gender.
by Sammichnatural, 15 March 2017 22:35
im not the one whos crying. youre the one who wanted to find a reason to get pissed at someone.
by Sammichnatural, 15 March 2017 22:37
me - breathes
you - ok but sex = gender and anyone else who thinks otherwise needs to commit rn
by Sammichnatural, 15 March 2017 22:38
but thats exactly what you did my dude. you picked on an autistic kid when you could have just shut your mouth and moved on. but the world NEEDED to know how wrong i am, sure
by Sammichnatural, 15 March 2017 22:41
that commentss refering to the 'i dont pick on weak people'
by Sammichnatural, 15 March 2017 22:42
'even autistic people' lol love ur ableism buddy, because im different to Other Humans. also not all autistic ppl are the same lol

you didnt have to ask my gender lmao,,,,it was completely unrelated,,,
by Sammichnatural, 15 March 2017 22:47
you didnt win, bud???? you still had no reason to ask my gender???

whatever floats ur boat buddy. my name is chuck and if youre still gonna scream at me that im a female then sure go ahead but youre changing nothing.
by Sammichnatural, 15 March 2017 22:50
just quit lemmino, I just told sagefire the same thing, all you're doing is wasting your time, same with you, sam, and same with you, jankovic(who may have left already).

This whole thing could've been so easily resolved.
by TotallyTotaled, 15 March 2017 22:59
Lemmino claiming he won while not commenting anymore is basically the same as him giving up while not acknowledging he lost.

That observation doesn't even have anything to do with what he was expressing, it's just very clear that he's giving up on the conversation entirely.
by ArtRager, 15 March 2017 23:11
so there only 2 genders
or is there more?
by LWH123, 15 March 2017 23:30
[this comment was deleted by TotallyTotaled]
by TotallyTotaled, 15 March 2017 23:33
Just to be clear I still only think there are 2 genders. I'm not a politically correct guy.

I don't get why people sometimes count "transgender" as a gender, it's really more of a state of transition.
It doesn't say "transition gender"
It says "a transition between 2 genders"
But transgender people are still a real thing.
(this is isn't as much a response as it is a statement about where I am on the political spectrum)
by ArtRager, 15 March 2017 23:36
I'm not fucking becoming buddies with Jankovic.

I wouldn't because he goes way over the top and will often insult someone for just disagreeing with him and not even participating in the argument. I don't always like to be in arguments but for now they are nice to do when I'm bored.

I am now actually, pretty consistently staying in the argument because I simply made an observation that wasn't really expressing any opinions, more just saying that Lemmino was essentially giving up.

I'm just a lot more active (in comments at least) and arguments are a really good time-waster.
Where ever Janko talks for more than 5 comments, arguments tend to follow.

And of course everyone here will defend their beliefs until the end.

You think anyone here will ever truly change their opinions just because of an internet argument?

This is less of an argument and more of a defense.
Sammi and others, etc. are having to argue against you for unprovoked insults.
You are the only person on your side and Totally Totalled, even though I think he agrees with you (and that's fine) isn't bothering to help because he doesn't want to bother with this shitstorm.

by ArtRager, 15 March 2017 23:50
Sex means sexual preference, gender is biological.
someone can sexually prefer their sexuality but it will never be their gender.
by 10Ggames, 15 March 2017 23:59
or at least that's what it means in this flippen stupid world now XD
by 10Ggames, 16 March 2017 00:00
also art ranger, transgender is usually a wrongly used term, as it is someone who LITERALLY changes genders in their life time. bisexual is what most people refer to when they say transgender.
by 10Ggames, 16 March 2017 00:02
I thought for a while that "gender" was how you felt mentally and "sex" is your biological gender.
And I'm not 100% if what your saying is completely true either, but there is absolutely no point in arguing about that for either of us.

I'm pretty sure that transgender is the name for someone who has been diagnosed by a certified therapist as having their body (sex) mismatch their mind (gender), and has not yet gone through the multiple surgeries to try to get the body to match.

The point of the main argument on this piq is that Lemmino shouldn't insult people for their opinions/beliefs unprovoked.
He insulted Sammi on a piq, and then made this to piss Sammi off.
by ArtRager, 16 March 2017 00:10
You may be right about the transgender thing as I'm not 100% sure.

currently I do not want to mangle with the drama right now. thnx for the summary as I was too lazy to read ALL of these comments Xd
by 10Ggames, 16 March 2017 00:41
Yeah, can't blame you for not wanting to participate.

Also, the last part of the above comment (by me) wasn't intended to be a summary, more like another part of the argument against him
by ArtRager, 16 March 2017 00:48
aaand this is why I'm reporting lemmino again.
by Pikalink5, 20 March 2017 23:15
lol rip, but yeah go on.
by Jankovic123, 20 March 2017 23:16
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