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PIQ DRAMA 2: Sylar the snake.

by Jankovic123

branched from by Jankovic123

pixel art PIQ DRAMA 2: Sylar the snake.  snake. ArtRanger Jankovic123 Lumplkins S23_Sylar by Jankovic123 piq
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11 March 2017 17:46
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So a few days back S23 Sylar was called out by some big artists like Me, Lumpkins and ArtRanger for using referneces to gather likes, and the possible use of pixelation software on the piq:http://piq.codeus.net/picture/415987/oasis

Weak minded fans of Sylar rushed to his rescue, defending his supposed "talent" but in the end were supressed by the truth.

Sylar has still not replied to the criticisms and seems to be ignoring the issue.


of course thats what hes doing, but hes just gonna continue doing it because his retard fans like everything he does.
by Jankovic123, 11 March 2017 18:01
we know hes guilty as Ive said, it is redundant to ask him anything, because hes keeping silent for a reason.

He wont reply no matter what. His piqs are crap, but his fans are the issue. Every time he uploads he unfairly gets potd.
by Jankovic123, 11 March 2017 18:11
by Jankovic123, 11 March 2017 18:23
you have me to thank for it. Why dont you activate that account?
by Jankovic123, 11 March 2017 18:43
You based this entire fucking "Weak minded fans of Sylar rushed to his rescue, defending his supposed "talent" but in the end were supressed by the truth." off of a single comment I made (which was really stupid by the way I didn't know wtf I was saying), but honestly step down from your high and mighty pedestal and stop acting like you have any authority on this sight. And Sylar won't respond because of a simple tactic, if you ignore a problem it will slowly go away.
by sagefire925, 13 March 2017 00:45
TBH, most of this stuff usually ends up being very offensive (No offence)
by 10Ggames, 13 March 2017 01:18
Yeah you won't be saying that when in a couple of weeks no one will give a shit about any of this anymore, and SYLAR will be clear to post whatever he/she wants to without the fear of being spammed hate in the comments. And if you couldn't tell, no one else cares about SYLAR's bullshit but the few of you
by sagefire925, 13 March 2017 03:16
"no one else cares"
Or maybe they just haven't been convinced or heard about Sylar's bullshit?
Like I've said before on the "Oasis" piq, I still disagree with Lemmino and Jankovic constantly insulting people who support Sylar when his fans are probably just people who are new users or people that don't constantly lurk enough around the site to hear about Sylar's copying.
It's a fuckton of unnecessary aggression, which I'm guessing everyone wants to avoid (wouldn't be surprised if Jankovic clearly said he wants this aggression though)

And no, I don't care if Sage has left finally left and won't respond or if the argument about Sylar has seemingly died down, there's still a conflict.
by ArtRager, 13 March 2017 11:48
Completely agree with you dude, you tell em
by cyrus, 17 March 2017 15:47
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