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100 subs, 50 piqs other stuff

by Jankovic123

pixel art 100 subs, 50 piqs other stuff 50piqs sad 100 subs celebration by Jankovic123 piq
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25 February 2017 12:13
colour distribution

Been on the site for 5 years, have had loads of accounts, this one is 3 years old.
Hit 100 subs and 50 piqs a month or two ago. Since then I have gained a sub.
This is a month late, but who cares? I dont.
When I started this site was amazing. Savethepenguin, Voodoomoocow, flippy13 and pixelwiz, my first and favourite piq artists.
Since then I've developed a dickhead persona (which I love), made and lost friends. Drawn loads of cool and shit piqs.
Now the art is dead. Like 1 original piq comes out a week, but I think there are still people here who know what they are doing.
The site is so dead, I dont know if anyone will see this.
U guys want a 'face reveal', I couldnt think of anything better to do for a 100 subs...


Congrats on the huge milestone!
by DanTreeBow, 25 February 2017 13:29
by Jankovic123, 25 February 2017 13:51
by behancen, 12 March 2017 13:02
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