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Michael Rosen

by Astrid

branched from by Astrid

pixel art Michael Rosen Memes by Astrid piq
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19 February 2017 20:17
colour distribution



what image conversion to pixel software did you use.
by Jovan, 19 February 2017 21:43
by Raton, 19 February 2017 22:04
AHH, ahh, watch out. The Jovan is getting triggered

by Iamnotsorry, 19 February 2017 22:49
by TheIronworks, 20 February 2017 01:37
not getting triggered you fucking moron its an honest question, because I know stryder bot said he liked to use photoshop.
by Jovan, 20 February 2017 17:56
Ayy, that's pretty good.
by Kelvar Gunnara, 21 February 2017 02:03
yeah this is obviously pixel converted.

Remove this from the contest before the final day or it will have to be deleted.
by Pikalink5, 21 February 2017 03:27
the single best image on this shitty website
by theloganberrypiq, 21 February 2017 03:35
See Dan, I bet you feel like a retard now?
by Jovan, 21 February 2017 19:18
nah, I don't

just had a lil laugh at you calling me a moron, and the way you got mad and are now trying to get back at me.
by DanTreeBow, 21 February 2017 20:51
What rule did I break that I have to remove from contest?
by Astrid, 21 February 2017 22:28
sure dan, because you came her looking for a fight, so how about you fuck off or just stop being such an annoying little child.

Astrid, you arent allowed to use image conversion software to pixilise an image, and then copy it exactly onto a piq, its not fair to the others.
by Jovan, 21 February 2017 22:34
Okay thanks Jovan, just needed clarification because I don't see that on the rules.
by Astrid, 21 February 2017 22:36
I know, but its a given considering cmon, its kinda easy to do, your other stuff is actually decent, and you used no image conversion software for that, so just keep doing that sort of stuff.
by Jovan, 21 February 2017 22:38
Astrid copying sprites is against the rules. Since you simply put this into a computer and converted it into pixel art, you are cheating as it is not original work.
by Pikalink5, 21 February 2017 23:24
thank you for removing it, sorry for not clarifying the rules more.
by Pikalink5, 21 February 2017 23:25
Lmao Jovan chill out. Give Dan a break. You're calling him a retard and moron but you're the one that's cussing him out because he called you 'triggered'.
by EpicGamer_, 22 February 2017 02:41
my names jeff XD
by mynamesjeffXD, 22 February 2017 15:29
EpicGamrer_- Dan is a pussy, he gets called out for being wrong, and he hides away. The only thing that triggers me is how thick dan is. I understand hes probably only 12, but even still, he doesnt have the right to go around being a dick.

Pika- , its not like you have any ability to state the rules. All you are is a mod, all you can really do is mute people.

I've been meaning to ask you why Lemmino was muted?
by Jovan, 22 February 2017 16:34
OH my gawd stooop
by TheIronworks, 22 February 2017 17:20
How in the holy fuck does this concern you? Also, you just commented on this so you'll be receiving the notifications now, so have fun with that.
by Jovan, 22 February 2017 19:05
I don't hide away, I just stop commenting to kill the flame. Just let it return to actual comments
by DanTreeBow, 22 February 2017 20:29
Why did you start the flame then?
by Jovan, 22 February 2017 20:36
To get back at you from doing the same

(sorry those who got this trash spam, I know Ima fuckn idiot.)

..and I am just generally becoming an asshole. but that is no excuse for me. Ima just apologise here, sorry for trying to begin shit. It is me being an impulsive prick with nothing else better to do in life.

by DanTreeBow, 22 February 2017 20:42
(Not trying to begin, just flat out starting it)
by DanTreeBow, 22 February 2017 20:42
How is arguing with me getting back at me?

You are literally getting back at yourself, because you are the one here who hates arguing with me.
by Jovan, 22 February 2017 20:46
Ok so first off I commented earlier so I get notifications *one of the early comments...* and two, I hate drama so stop arguing over this shit;
by TheIronworks, 22 February 2017 20:48
Again, this doesn't regard you, I don't see how you could hate an argument that has nothing to do with you and doesnt regard you?

Is that how sad you are is that all you do all day is reading other peoples conversations?
by Jovan, 22 February 2017 21:10
by 10Ggames, 22 February 2017 23:47
Jovan... all the words in my mouth I can't describe, but what I can is that yes, I have nothing better in my life actually (that wasn't sarcasm...)
by TheIronworks, 25 February 2017 14:35
Jovan as a mod I could have removed his piq from the contest or straight up deleted it. Due to a glitch were we can't remove branched piqs, I had to ask him to remove it himself.
by Pikalink5, 25 February 2017 22:45
i hate his neck it's gross and lumpy and looks like a reversed beak
by PixelChara, 28 February 2017 15:49
Oh dear, all has gone to far for me too help now... Give me a snap when you need my help, but for now. Anonymous out.
by Anonymous, 13 March 2017 02:18
[this comment was deleted by Kelvar Gunnara]
by Anonymous, 13 March 2017 02:18
edgelord over here
by Pikalink5, 14 March 2017 23:51
Who, me? I've been called much worse than what you can ever say.
by Anonymous, 24 March 2017 18:39
How did Astrid make this?
by GRENDIZER, 24 March 2017 19:31
plz no mor comments.
by 10Ggames, 24 March 2017 20:09
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