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for Peepies!

by Molly_the_Moose

for Peepies!
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16 February 2017 23:08
colour distribution

hehe your name is so fun to say~

idk if the hair is short/long enough sorry if it's not.

also i didn't know what kind of clothes you wanted.

also i can make it full-body if you want. i have nothing to draw so it wouldn't be a bother :D


Thank you... Its good... i feel really bad for saying this but, the hair is a bit too long. everything else is PERFECT!
by Peepies, 17 February 2017 15:31
yeah i was wondering about that.
you don't need to feel bad i was the one who messed it up^^

would you like me to shorten it?
by Molly_the_Moose, 18 February 2017 21:28
and thanks you♥
by Molly_the_Moose, 18 February 2017 21:28
and if you want me to shorten it i might need you to tell me where it should be up to, shoulders, neck, ears.

oh wait i don't draw ears o.o
by Molly_the_Moose, 18 February 2017 21:29
the half of the neck.
by Peepies, 18 February 2017 22:13
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