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The Elf Queens Court

by Lumpkins

pixel art The Elf Queens Court by Lumpkins piq
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11 February 2017 04:14
colour distribution

Really digging this style now lol


By any chance did you see the piq I uploaded a while back using only 2 colours?
by Jovan, 11 February 2017 10:26
Im not sure about which one specifically your referring to, but i do know about your avocation for the dither tool and figured i would give it a try, and its shockingly good in this medium for shading and adding depth
by Lumpkins, 11 February 2017 19:29
Go on my other profile, the most recent thing (coloured purple-ish) very similar style. You'll get it once you see it.
by Jovan, 11 February 2017 20:13
got it.
by Jovan, 11 February 2017 20:15
Oh yeah i had seen that one, already slipped it a like because i could see what you were going for, its hard when only using two colors to create depth and give a feeling of space but i feel like in this i got it more than any of the other pieces ive done in this style where i didnt really try to go for the effect
by Lumpkins, 11 February 2017 20:17
Yeah, it took me a while to get that your image had a figure in it. I think the issue is we need a larger canvas. I mean, that is the only issue. Even on 200 the space is to crammed, and doesn't leave enough space for negatives and gradients
by Jovan, 11 February 2017 20:26
I dont mind the limitation so much, its invokes challenge and a cool opportunity for reflecting on art your proud of saying "damn i made that in only 200 pixles, thats not bad"
by Lumpkins, 11 February 2017 20:31
I guess, but it can't look as good as this in 200 by 200:http://pixeljoint.com/files/icons/full/new_contest_entry.png
by Jovan, 11 February 2017 20:33
Fair point
by Lumpkins, 11 February 2017 20:35
Why dont you just take the time to make a permanent profile picture
by Jovan, 11 February 2017 20:48
My style has evolved and changed so much over the past 3 years that its unlikely i would be content with the same profile picture defining me for more than a few weeks. I like the image thats attached to my profile out of my now extensive catalog to be topical to the type of artist i am at that moment so people will know what there getting when and if they choose to peruse my recent works
by Lumpkins, 11 February 2017 21:00
Thats not how I am, I prefer to have one definitive image, and let my shit art speak for itself.

People see my profile picture, and immediately associate it with something.
by Jovan, 11 February 2017 21:10
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