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Episode 2: Threat

by Jovan

branched from by Jovan

pixel art Episode 2: Threat by Jovan piq
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09 February 2017 20:07
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"A few minutes to arrival sir."
The captain takes a minute to untangle himself from the antiquated nests of wires.
"Would have been nice if we had a newer ship for this."
"Oh, these readings are detecting high hear readings near the terminal"
"Land further back then"
"I know, but doesn't it seem strange, way out here, there is nothing here anyone could want"
Uninterested the captain flips the switch to sound the intercom.
"Everyone, we are approachin-"
The ships halts over, and the force of the stop sends the clutter on the floor flying against the walls.
"My bad, needed to make a quicker stop" says the operator hesitantly.
"Why, exactly" says the caption while brushing himself clean from the debris.
"The heat source was closer than we previously thought"
Voices can be heard bellow on the deck. The captain hurries down towards them, and as he descends the spiral stairs, and corrugated iron, an image is unveiled through the deck window.
The terminal is lit ablaze, and a fire slowly consumes what seems to be one of the engines. It is slowly sinking into the atmosphere of the planet bellow. The gravity tears sheets of metal and insulation.
The crew gasp in excitement. The captain pushes himself through the crowd, and seats himself at the commanding seat.
A little red light flashes on the armrest. He opens the transmission:
"Local transmission being received-"
In a shrill, distorted fuzz gives way to a voice. Before the captain speaks, he is interrupted.
The transmission is cut instantly afterwords. Speechless the crew's eyes rest on the wreck. They eventually turn to the captain, almost begging him not to utter those most resentful words, when faced with the prospect of immanent danger.
"We need to help them" says the captain.


Description incoming,
by Jovan, 09 February 2017 20:08
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