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Stone Golem

by KingKarl

branched from by KingKarl

pixel art Stone Golem by KingKarl piq
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07 February 2017 21:07
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During days before humans dominated Verge golems were quite frequent in cities and on the battlefield, used by skillful magicians.

Stone Golems serve multiple services, but all of those services usualy involve heavy lifting. Stone golems are not allowed within city walls due to their potential danger, as one Stone golem could overpower quite a few people.

Stone golems (like the one the piq) are rarely used on the battlefield due to the fact that, whilst strong, they are quite a burden on the magician who summoned them and the fact that stone, whilst heavy and sturdy, has a tendency to not be particularly durable.

this means that a soldier with a particularly big hammer could easily crack the skull of the golem, the skull being the place where the arcane is centralized.
With this in mind, a magician would be more useful casting spells.

before anyone asks weither this is a legit entry into the contest: a machine is described as a tool consisting of multiple parts that when supplied with power (in this case, arcane) will do one or more tasks.


This reminds me of the rock golems in Ark
by ahayden, 09 February 2017 11:26
sort of. i went for a somewhat stereotypical design.
by KingKarl, 09 February 2017 13:30
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