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Rainbow Dash Silhouette

by wolfgirl456

pixel art Rainbow Dash Silhouette wg rainbow wolfgirl456 friendship is magic rainbow Dash my little pony dahy dash mlp avatar background silhouette fim icon by wolfgirl456 piq
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09 June 2012 14:44
colour distribution

I can't find the ref but it's my screensaver.

You might be annoyed about how much I draw RD..


heh heh i have this as my ps3 theme
by xternalmerc, 09 June 2012 14:45
Cool :) I have the one with all the 6 ponies' silhouettes. I'm going to draw the rest of them too
by wolfgirl456, 09 June 2012 14:59
i have that one too
by xternalmerc, 09 June 2012 15:05
Oooh, awesome! :D
by wolfgirl456, 09 June 2012 15:16
i also have one with all their neon versions
by xternalmerc, 09 June 2012 21:05
Yep, I also thought so. :3
by xternalmerc, 09 June 2012 21:23
20% cooler *u*
by andrearawr, 14 June 2012 21:23
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