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Gothic Warrior

by Lumpkins

branched from by Lumpkins

pixel art Gothic Warrior by Lumpkins piq
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01 February 2017 15:38
colour distribution

Shaded it a bit more, got kinda lazy, might revisit it one more time but this is it for now


How long did it take all together.
by ZeRoyalDude, 01 February 2017 15:45
Probably not quiet as long as it did, was just a rather lazy doodle since i did since i noticed i haven't done any armor in a while, and i do enjoy drawing some armor. aside from time accidentally out of tab i would say around 20 mins give or take
by Lumpkins, 01 February 2017 15:48
Damn son I take 30 minutes for that monster thing I entered I like to think I am just bad digital art I wish there is somewhere I could post my photos of real life drawing from about a year ago.
by ZeRoyalDude, 01 February 2017 15:55
It takes time to get used to the tools, my earlier work on Piq was no better than any other person new to the platform, just took time and practice to get to where i am now.
by Lumpkins, 01 February 2017 15:57
The one thing I hate about drawing.
by ZeRoyalDude, 01 February 2017 15:59
Anyway really like this Gothic Knight and anything you do and thanks for the advice!
by ZeRoyalDude, 01 February 2017 16:00
by Lumpkins, 01 February 2017 16:03
by ZeRoyalDude, 01 February 2017 16:06
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