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Hidden Identity

by wolfgirl456

branched from by wolfgirl456

pixel art Hidden Identity color bisexual scared wolfgirl456 productions victim out rainbow washed hidden wg bully gay stop bi evil bullying transgrender true lesbian identity dash straight bad paragraph by wolfgirl456 piq
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08 June 2012 19:56
colour distribution

So, if your a brony or a pegasister, you probably know that Rainbow Dash represents the 'gay' or 'lesbian' of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In this picture, i'm not saying that RD isn't proud to be a lesbian, or that they state she is one in the show, i'm just stating a point:
Some gays and lesbians are bullied for who they are, which isn't right. To me, you can be whatever you want: gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight, or transgender.
Some people don't get this. Bullies bully because they want to feel good about themselves. They never really think about how the victim feels.
Kids don't even come to school these days because they are afraid of it. Afraid of getting bullied. They try to hide themselves in the crowd, so to speak, because they don't want to get picked on.
As I was making this, I really didn't know it was going to represent what it does now. But when I thought about it, it was this.
I'm really happy that there is The Day of Silence, which honors the gays, lesbians, transgenders, and bisexuals who don't have a voice because of bullying, if you didn't know what the Silence was.
I'm also proud that my school made a club for GSA, gay straight alliance. The name says it all. I really didn't know there was one until I saw it in the yearbook. The teacher of the club is a lesbian teacher at my school. She's prod and i'm glad.
Moral: Bullying is really harmful and can hurt people more than you could think. Get in the shoes of the victim and imagine what they feel like when you bully someone.


I think this is the coolest one so far.
by xternalmerc, 08 June 2012 19:58
Thanks me too, but read the description. [ I know that you posted that comment before I added details ]
by wolfgirl456, 08 June 2012 20:12
I agree with your views in the description, they are very good ones and it is a shame not everybody shares them.
by xternalmerc, 08 June 2012 20:16
I mean, I think i've had them tell me about bullying , including gays.
by wolfgirl456, 08 June 2012 21:12
:) It is a shame. I think i've had 5 teachers tell me that, one of them an assembly from the vice principal/principal.
by wolfgirl456, 09 June 2012 03:12
Thanks FF ;) Let's hope that someday bullies will be gone...
by wolfgirl456, 09 June 2012 11:08
i have a friend thats lesbian she gets picked on but she uses it to her advantage (like, pplz will run away from so they dont get "germs" but she will go right up to them and start hugging them and the reaction is hilarious XD) but even so, i wish it would stop :( i agree with u 100%!
by FF_Forever, 09 June 2012 12:07
oh, and the piq is awesome! :D
by FF_Forever, 09 June 2012 12:07
yes. i dream of a better world where there are no bullies and chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned! ^.^
by FF_Forever, 09 June 2012 12:15
Haha, agreed!
by wolfgirl456, 09 June 2012 20:11
I completely agree, Lesbians and Gays are both amazing groups of people (maybe better then average) and should not be scorned for who they are
by darklord, 09 June 2012 20:29
... Woah. Deep. That was... inspirational. I used to be CALLED "gay" at school, and in response to that, I thought, 'Gay people aren't THAT bad... right?' but I actually said "IM NOT GAY, SUNAVAB*CH"Gay people should be treated equally, becaus of that *Really* old saying, "Each to his own" witch applys to beliefs, customs, sexual orientation, and favorite kind of cake.
by AvianAvenger, 11 June 2012 13:58
I'm a brony now and just realized this... This looks like Daring Do's mane.
by AvianAvenger, 21 December 2012 16:47
UPDATE(2 years later): That teacher that was the leader of the GSA club at my school? I'm pretty sure she got fired and they covered it up.

Hmm. So the school district tells the kids in assemblies that being gay is okay and they go firing people for being different, and I'm convinced of this because other teachers at my school have been fired for not using the teaching methods they are given or trying to be a fun teacher.
by wolfgirl456, 01 July 2014 03:28
How does she represent this throughout the show? Or is this a fandom thing?
by Spy Crab, 01 July 2014 03:29
eh its a fandom thing, most people believe rainbow dash is lesbian. although look at how many gay ships there are that don't include her... so i dunno.
by wolfgirl456, 01 July 2014 03:31
Ah. I was about to say "when was she a lesb?"
by Spy Crab, 01 July 2014 04:23
by wolfgirl456, 01 July 2014 04:37
Half of my school practically is homosexual so I've gotten to accept them :)
by Spy Crab, 01 July 2014 04:41
that's pretty awesome actually :D
by wolfgirl456, 01 July 2014 04:43
And my (ex)uncle is transgender :U
by Spy Crab, 01 July 2014 04:44
cool :o
by wolfgirl456, 01 July 2014 05:10
Joined tumblr and now almost half of my followers are homosexual which I think is really cool
by AvianAvenger, 01 July 2014 18:58
nice :3
by wolfgirl456, 01 July 2014 19:33
You are so cool... all of ya
by AnimeAb, 14 October 2014 01:09
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