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The LoL Ranked RANT

by dafunkyemo

The LoL Ranked RANT
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14 January 2017 12:58
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I fucking hate toxic people. Also, holy crap that drawing up there sucks. Anywho:

So for those who don't know (which is pretty much everyone but Strider or Amber) I play League of Legends. Its a really fun MOBA and I don't have any beef with the game. I main a champion named Fiddlesticks (image at the bottom), a scarecrow who controls crows (ironic, i know). I play this game a lot with my friends. It's incredibly fun, and if you have the time, computer space (only about 3 gigs from what I remember), and willpower to pick it up and start playing it, I suggest you do.

But this isn't about this game in general. This about the fucking Ranked games.

So, I just started playing Ranked this morning. Ranked on League consists of 6 tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Challenger, with 5 divisions in each. I could honestly care less about what my ranking was, but I just wanted to try it out.

So I load into the queue and as usual for normal games, there a few queue dodgers if the enemy team comp is good (meaning that their team of champions go well together). Then I finally get into a queue where no one dodged. Hell, there were some nice people there too. I was originally going to play Ziggs (image at the bottom) in the Middle Lane, but someone else wanted it, so I switched lanes with him and went Gnar (image at the bottom) going top.

The game was your typical normal game. One top lane, one jungle, one mid lane, and the ADC (attack defense carry) and support bottom lane. We had a pretty decent team comp too. We lost the trades though, which ended up biting us in the ass. Surprisingly, the Draven (link at the bot) said I was doing good as Gnar, even though it was said in a sentence dissing Rengar (link at the bottom) and Ziggs. We lost, but we lost honorably and that's all that matters.

So first game wasn't too bad. Second game shouldn't be too bad either, right?

HA. I couldn't have been anymore wrong.

So as usual, I had to deal with queue dodgers til I finally found a queue. I was assigned Jungle, so I pulled out my main. I stated "Second time playing Ranked, so sorry if I'm not too goo. o-o" and started to set my summoner spells. I got team comped with a Riven (link at the bottom).

Now, I don't mind Riven as a champion. I, however, hate the person who plays her. Because like my friend James said, she either gets fed and is toxic, or gets dunked on and becomes toxic (toxic, for those people who don't know, means salty and disses their whole team comp. At first I thought it was a joke, but this person just proved my point. Such is the Riven mentality.)

Now, the thing about Fiddlesticks is that you can't really gank (meaning you can't go into a lane to help a laner(s)) until you have your ultimate. Otherwise, you're extremely squishy (meaning you can get killed pretty easily, since your health isn't very big at your base stats). So throughout the whole game, I couldn't really do much til I got my ult(imate).

However, here is where things when wrong. I started playing Fiddle like I normally do: taking the blue buff (a mana and cooldown reduction buff), gromp (a frog next to the blue buff), scuttlecrab (which when killed, acts a a ward), then the wolves (free money). Early game was difficult, since I couldn't do much, but then late game came around.

I was building an item called Zhonya's Hourglass. The active on it when used makes you invulnerable to any and all attacks, but freezes you in place when used. However, I kept getting killed, so I couldn't really get it until they were at our Nexus (at the middle of our base).

This is where the toxic Riven stepped in and started telling me how shitty I was. The Viktor (link at the bottom) that was going Mid, backed her up too. And after the game, so did the enemy Jinx (link at the bottom).

See, this is exactly what fucking pisses me off about this game. Fucking people like this that fucking come in and ruin the fun. I even stated beforehand that this was my second time playing fucking Ranked matches. But no. The three broken ass champions decide to pick on the guy playing a difficult champion (Fiddlesticks doesnt even get played much anymore) just because he got 1 kill (on accident) and 4-6 deaths. Its funny, cuz they themselves did fucking horrible.

Sometimes I really wish Rito (nickname for Riot Games, since they fucked up their industry name on one of their trailer vids or something) would stop working on new champions and reworks and actually pay attention to their reports. I got reported three times for intentionally feeding, even though not only did I not intentionally feed, but it specifically states that "intentional feeding" doesn't mean just having a bad game. Honestly, if they could also ban toxic fucking idiots, it would be a REAL fucking help.

Okay, I'm done. Thanks for those who bother'd to read.



ty for the sub!
by Jo-Jo, 02 February 2017 22:11
I became new to the game and got good at it quickly, I was playing with a few scrubs who supposedly were "pros" and I said I mained support, but I had to go with jungler. I did sorta bad, but not really bad and they gave me crap about it when they were being even worse than I. Lol 10/10 IGN would play a game with "pros" again
by 10Ggames, 08 May 2017 21:18
ok. not to be a dick but what are you expecting from league? its very well known to be a toxic community--
by Spy Crab, 07 July 2017 21:05
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