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by gummibearzrule

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08 August 2016 23:05
colour distribution


my hair's red

that's neato

otherwise nothin much has happened.

Whenever I come back here I usually have an update or im just checking in on your guys but I dont have much to talk about.

I'm a sophmore too yay

oH something that's kinda cool i guess is I finally decided on a set path on what I want to do with my life (besides college lmao)

so I decided to go into psychology field and be a depression and anxiety therapist, with a minor in art if I'm lucky. I dont NEED to go to an art school but I definitely dont want to just give up on art. If I just cant get into being a therapist tho I'll switch over to full sail university in florida where i was offered a scholarship.

thats cool. nice. rad.

i don't know what else to say. whatve you guys been up to? anything cool happening? idec if you think its boring I'm interested gimme that shit

adding on: I saw suicide squad with a couple guys yesterday and duDE IT WAS S ICK, they stole a poster for me too lmao ((they were free but we weren't supposed to get them after the movie chill


Well, contests are back up! (yesss)

Oh, and red hair is sick!

Im sure you will do good deeds as a therapist
by zeldapickles, 08 August 2016 23:43
A oychtriatrst....Interesting....

(lol not even a word, no regrets. Also hi and welcome back.)
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 09 August 2016 01:38
Congrats on the scholarship c:
Its great that you know what you wanna be now ^-^
by creeperslayer098, 09 August 2016 02:34
Just letting you know, Full Sail isn't the best school. If you ever decide to leave the school, you'd have to take the whole course from the start because what you learn there only counts there.
by dafunkyemo, 09 August 2016 02:51
o shit man, didnt even notice, may have more of a reason to draw here regularly now. and thanks dude, ill try my best :,)

shit man I thought you were pointing out a typo I made rip, pff but thank ya!

thank ye! with this career I can stay in my medical school without having to e learning things I dont need

ya think I haven't looked into it before? I've spoken with people from the school and looked up stuff,and I still wanna go. If I do end up going there itd be for good, because like I said, that's only if I didn't get into the psychology field as much as I want to. Plus, they teach what I REALLY want to learn there, so Ill be fine. Besides, that wont be for a while.
by gummibearzrule, 09 August 2016 04:31
Just watching out for ya. If anything, go to UCF. Or UF. Don't remember at all, but one of them (blast my bad memory) has the same exact program as Full Sail, but you get to keep your credits if you ever leave.

Like I said, just trying to watch out for you, but you don't have to listen to me.
by dafunkyemo, 09 August 2016 13:22
HA baby sophmore seniors rule!
bot sapm has gotten worse
alot of good artist left cuz the site condition and community trying to fight back kinda
by ShadowFire336, 09 August 2016 13:54
since i graduated i have done less than nada. i have gotten drunk, lived life as a hedonist.
I am the evolutinary dead end of humanity and it feels great.
by KingKarl, 09 August 2016 14:57
I'll be fine.

I really am a baby tho all my friends are in the grades above :,) and yeah I saw about that, it was gonna happen eventually though

sounds like the kind of life thats fun to look forward to
by gummibearzrule, 10 August 2016 14:17
by iopl3887, 30 August 2016 02:37
its mE BOi
by gummibearzrule, 01 September 2016 01:33
this looks like me before I dyed it blue XD
by Zoroark, 09 September 2016 01:19
A little bit late, buddy. :v
by dafunkyemo, 09 September 2016 03:21
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