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I'm Leaving

by The Pixel Pencil

I'm Leaving
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08 July 2016 01:14
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I would have never thought I would say those two words.
To me saying that would have been absurd.
This site has made me feel so happy and good.
Now it doesn't have that feel like it should.
it made me feel like I could make people feel ok.
Now there is almost nobody to make feel this way.
I feel almost alone here.
It doesn't have the population or kindness of last year.
And I fear
that its activity is starting to stop
as it's population is starting to drop.
and most of the great artists that were here are gone.
Now the vibe here feels bad. It feels wrong
And after being here so long,
these last few words are making me sick.
I'm leaving piq.
But I hope my absence won't make you sad, leave, and mope.
I still want you guys to have hope.
Piq's life might be hanging on to a thread
Many of piq's artists might have fled
But I see a future ahead
where art will thrive and spread.
piq ISN'T dead.
If you can convince me to still make art here. Make an account here:https://www.pixilart.net. And talk to me. Give me a reason not to leave. Oh, and by the way. I'm not The Pixel Pencil anymore. My name is Slink


Dangit. At least you have pixilart.
by -Xyzzy-, 08 July 2016 01:16
at this point i've given up on this site and am just drawing for fun
which is why i am incurraging people to get DAs and stuff
by PunCake, 08 July 2016 01:45
Im strongly considering leaving myself. A part of that is the bots are taking over!
by zeldapickles, 08 July 2016 01:45
the bots arn't really taking over
their just in the side bar
by PunCake, 08 July 2016 01:47
Awe! Nuhh pix! I'm not good at convincing people to stay so I guess bye. :c Sorry I know what will happen if I tried... Or else I would... Yeah.... I'm really sad now....
by CornBeanSoup, 08 July 2016 02:01
Make a pixilart account.
by -Xyzzy-, 08 July 2016 02:17
i have a pixilart, but i think the site sucks. there are no layers and all around not as good as piq.
by PunCake, 08 July 2016 02:32
I dont like the drawing aspect of pixlart as
1. Its super easy to trace and shit so idunno whats actually ppl tracing or their actual stuff
And 2. No quick keys, layers etc.

The animation thing is cool i guess tho?
by creeperslayer098, 08 July 2016 03:01
yea, but with it being so sucky, it's hard to animate
and the way the animtation thing works is glichy anyway
by PunCake, 08 July 2016 03:10
You cannot leave! This is a sign of a new beginning of piq, when one story ends, a new one begins, a new generation of powers will rise and make piq a great place! Like we all have, as we leave impressions here, new powers will find our deserted accounts, and be inspired to be like us! If we stay, we can further in courage them to make their stay wonderful.

What I'm trying to say is.. We need the people to remain on piq, or else the site we know and love, WILL die.
by DanTreeBow, 08 July 2016 17:24
Piqers, damn autocorrect
by DanTreeBow, 08 July 2016 17:25
(coming from Dan)

It's okay I guess...
Everybody needs to make a backup Pixilart account.
by -Xyzzy-, 08 July 2016 17:26
i have a backup
but i don't like how wide the canvus is. and you can't make the pixels small...
by PunCake, 08 July 2016 17:29

the community reminds me of how piq was a couple years ago tho ;w;
by creeperslayer098, 08 July 2016 17:46
a bunch of shitty drawings made my 12 year olds and two good things
by PunCake, 08 July 2016 17:48
Am I horrible?
by -Xyzzy-, 08 July 2016 17:54
your really twelve?
by PunCake, 08 July 2016 17:58
Yes. Not all twelve year olds are annoyingly immature and oblivious.
by -Xyzzy-, 08 July 2016 18:03
i know that, but you act very mature for your age
i respect that, kid
by PunCake, 08 July 2016 18:19
Thank you.
by -Xyzzy-, 08 July 2016 18:20
No! Don't leave! We'll miss you too much! What DanTreeBow said about this being a new beginning, etc, very true. We don't want you to miss it. <3
by woahzerz, 08 July 2016 18:26
I'm sorry if I caused concern! I love you guys and gals all very much! CornBean, Dan, woazer, all of you guys are very special to me. And I'm not dying or anything! I'm just making art on a different site.
by The Pixel Pencil, 10 July 2016 02:16
I'm sorry if I made you sad cornbean ;c. It wasn't my intention. I just wanted to leave on a musical note
by The Pixel Pencil, 10 July 2016 02:17
I'm crying :,<
by AoiVeztarUchida, 10 July 2016 02:21
I added a bit to the description. Don't lose hope!
by The Pixel Pencil, 10 July 2016 02:26
I might not be making art here anymore, but I will still talk to you guys!
by The Pixel Pencil, 10 July 2016 02:27
I'm using a new style of art there at pixilart and my art is still improving. I'm still making cute stuff when I want to make cute stuff and deepish stuff when I want to make deepish stuff!
by The Pixel Pencil, 10 July 2016 02:35
@woazers Don't worry! When that day arrives, I won't miss a single second of it. ;)
by The Pixel Pencil, 10 July 2016 02:36

Hey guys check out this singing and dancing cactus named Sam I made.
by The Pixel Pencil, 10 July 2016 02:37
Omg that's adorable.
by woahzerz, 11 July 2016 02:05
Omg! I actually matter so someone!
by CornBeanSoup, 11 July 2016 18:57
@Woazers Why thank you!

@CornBeanSoup You matter to me!
by The Pixel Pencil, 11 July 2016 22:51
I know. And I'm happy for that. :3
by CornBeanSoup, 12 July 2016 19:28
i wouldn't blame u mate
by Tiok1, 22 July 2016 23:33
NOOOOO! I WAS NEVER ABLE TO GIVE A PROPER FAREWELL I MUST JOIN THE RANKS OF THIS "PIXIL ART" BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! Well maybe I don't know. Oh well! Yes I understand this is much too old so therefore DATES.
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 23 July 2016 19:36
Is it bad that I laughed so hard when I noticed that this was a poem?
by FriedBreadCritique, 19 June 2017 01:23
I know haha. I was super cringy.
by The Pixel Pencil, 19 June 2017 02:20
by FriedBreadCritique, 19 June 2017 22:42
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