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Undertale Rant

by PunCake

Undertale Rant
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01 May 2016 02:09
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Yea i know theres been like 50bagillion rants on here but there has been a lot of things about undertale that have been...urking me to put it lightly. So what better to do then vent about it on piq!
You might be thinking, "but, Puncake! you like undertale! you have it in the things you like and this is a rant abound stuufs you don't like!"
well yah i do like undertale.
now if your just a casual fan who likes to draw sans once in a while thats fine. but to the crazy fans
seriously! i cant go on any website without seeing undertale this undertale that! I go on a steven universe video, Someone says "OOO GET DUNKED ON" Hell, this site has turned into undertale, have you seen how many people upload redraws of the sprites!? Now im not saying undertale is a bad game. but what i do hate about it is how much people love it. When i saw the reviews i thought it would be a master piece being different from any other RPG. and what did i get, a pretty good RPG but not the best.
see my problem is that undertale doesnt really do anything new, yet people keep saying it does. "choosing to kill or not kill has never been in a video game" yes it has. "the plot and characters are soooo origanal" yes some characters are, but the story isn't fanominal.
This is personal opion, but RPG's like Off or Ib felt better to me because they seemed like games that could slow down and let you apretiate it along with great characters(well ibs characters were ok) and a good story.
Basically what im saying is undertale is a good game, but the fandom needs to calm the HELL down.

the comments on this are gonna kill me


wot teh fok deid u sey aboot underptale du u want tu hav a bad time?????//////questionmark???????
by DudeManGuy001, 01 May 2016 13:14
Dude, this post is my everything. I am a casual UT fan, and everywhere I go, there's UT references. Hell, when I go to school, everyone is telling me that I need more spaghetti! It just bugs me a lot that how when something good and kind of original comes out, people have to ruin it!

//rant within a rant
by Eggsy, 01 May 2016 16:56
I agree. Undertale was impressive for a game that was made just to carry a guys music, but then people come and ruin it, and throw their fandom into others.
by PunCake, 01 May 2016 17:48
by Lelouch-Lamperouge, 02 May 2016 11:36
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