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Soviet Happy: Anime-ted

by xternalmerc

collaborate on it!
pixel art Soviet Happy: Anime-ted reverse hammer swords sickle anti Soviet russia xternalmerc Happy by xternalmerc piq
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22 May 2012 01:32
colour distribution

Soviet Happy in anime form.


Thank you, whoever liked this! :D
by xternalmerc, 21 May 2012 19:41
I have idea: somebody should help me make comic strips with these characters! I could be storyboard creator/editor and someone else can draw the actual strips! That would be cool!
by xternalmerc, 21 May 2012 19:55
I could also come up with new characters!
by xternalmerc, 21 May 2012 19:55
Ha, I like this character. Katana are always good.
by ShinobiSai, 21 May 2012 21:48
Thank you very much!
by xternalmerc, 22 May 2012 22:45
But why is the Soviet carrying Japanese Katana and wearing American fatigues?
by ShinobiSai, 23 May 2012 00:46
Because, he is the exact opposite of Happy soviet in every way. (He is still russian, but not a soviet.)
Therefore, since Happy Soviet only uses soviet-made products, Soviet Happy uses anything he can that is not soviet related.
by xternalmerc, 23 May 2012 00:57
Oh, ok XD
by ShinobiSai, 23 May 2012 01:02
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