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by gummibearzrule

branched from by gummibearzrule

pixel art hm by gummibearzrule piq
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18 March 2016 02:16
colour distribution

i tried to act happier today

i smiled and spoke a lot more so people would think im fine again. i really really had to force myself tho tbh

i dont want to worry them


You get used to it after a while. If you continue to do it, expect to cry a lot when youre alone.
by Kairi Lon, 18 March 2016 04:14
I usually have to do this anyway, so I'm used to it by now. just seemed more prominent today after what happened Monday
by gummibearzrule, 18 March 2016 07:53
What happened Monday, if you don't mind me asking?
by RetroDemon, 18 March 2016 18:59
[this comment was deleted by the collaborator]
by the collaborator, 19 March 2016 03:58
I knew it! I knew this would get potd! I saw the amount of likes yesterday and I knew this would be the one!! Loving this photo
by Christine The Pixel, 19 March 2016 14:19
@retro just bullshit

@collab mnot really. theres a difference.

@christine haha thanks man!
by gummibearzrule, 20 March 2016 00:38
[this comment was deleted by the collaborator]
by the collaborator, 20 March 2016 06:35
like i said in the desc, i did try and seem happy to my friends so I wouldn't worry them. Its not as simple as someone telling you "be happy" and youre all better and cured. I'd prefer if you didnt comment on this piq anymore concerning that.
by gummibearzrule, 26 March 2016 00:16
by PinkyPiGamerArt, 26 March 2016 00:25
Look gummi,

I'm very sorry. Please accept my apologies. I understand your having a hard time, I just felt like cheering you up. I guess I made things worst. Many apologies again.
by the collaborator, 26 March 2016 12:02
You didnt make it worse. I'm still neutral about it. It's just something that I hear very often from other people. Its nothing against you, and im not mad in any way.
by gummibearzrule, 26 March 2016 19:00
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