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Decay of Moorhold

by Lumpkins

pixel art Decay of Moorhold by Lumpkins piq
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21 February 2016 17:56
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The Castle of Moorhold was built upon the ruins of the mythic Galien city of Gaius Ruhn, which supposedly provided a solid base in the marshey unstable ground of the silver swamplands of the south. so leading to the early days of the second Candexes war, Lord Kunkkan Binn founded this castle to guard the western threat of Gimson. while originally, the castle stood strong and proud upob the foundations of the old city, it is said that old spirits of druids haunted the fortress and caused the Castle's builders to be severely understaffed and the garrison undermanned as most of them would flee in the night, as such the scantily manned castle slowly began to sink back into the marsh, swallowed by the supposed curse of old Gailen.


this new style you've got going. very tusk-friendly.
by Cavetusk94, 21 February 2016 18:47
Glad its appealing to the right audience
by Lumpkins, 21 February 2016 18:48
glad I'm the right audience:)
by Cavetusk94, 21 February 2016 19:31
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