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Notable Battles of Aphal

by Lumpkins

pixel art Notable Battles of Aphal Aphal by Lumpkins piq
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23 January 2016 01:49
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Battle of Earthwipe A1Ea45
The battle that decided Aphal’s fate between the 2 great godlike entities, Allunas the creator and Exandese the King of Wyverns. While resulting in a victory for Allunas it also nearly shattered Aphal itself and caused Allunas to sacrifice himself to save it.
1st Siege of Antasia A2Ea37
King Midlon became Emperor Midlon due to the decisive defeat of Barbus Ragnoruk and the majority of the forces of Ustagrad as they failed to overcome the tactical brilliance that unified all of Aphal.
Storming of Grugn A2Ea46
A major turning point in the 1st Linunkin revolt where the rampaging beast men overwhelmed their island prison of Gravemund and made it all the way to the capitol of Arloche, even managing to end the Line of Grymore. This battle is what forced Unitine to commit 2 entire legions to combat this threat.
Battle of Dragon Fields A6Ea4
The Unitine Empire, whilst holding the line against the GailenRise Rebels on the home front, commited their entire naval force to recapturing the Southron Isles fron King Finris who had taken them, however as the legions landed on Mattinus and marched across the dragon fields, Finris and his fellow Black Knights surprised the forces who assumed he would fortify in Darg. Using cavalry and Void magic they overwhelmed the vastly outnumbering force and burned a majority of Unitines ships at the beach. It was a massacre that began the northern provinces questioning if they should really support Unitine or submit to Gailenrise in forging a new realm.
Battle of Herofell A8Ea35
As Lichun, behind the orchestration of the undead crisis emerged from the Underscab in his new form, the colossal flesh golem Malgamesh, his sights were set on first claiming nearby Grayle, when his forces were cut off from cleverly used landslides, he and his horde marched for Candlilly. Malgamesh broke the defenses and for a time many thought he was invincible, until the Great King of Graygust Fasmere managed to heard the monstrosity to the summit of Lumpas mountain, and with the aid of a group of Magus managed to call forth the deep slumbering fire within the Mountain, killing themselves, but trapping Malgamesh under a layer of molten rock, with Lichuns assertive force over the undead broken, they scattered back to the caves of Aphal and the undead crisis was over.
2nd Siege of Antasia A10Ea35
The combined forces of the Wyvern Prophet Lucais assaulted Antasia for the second time in over 400 years. It took every able bodied man, women and child armed with whatever they could to only barely repel the mighty host and Kill the Prophet of Wyverns himself.
3rd Siege of Antasia A11Ea4
The Undead wyvern Icilith raised a second coalition of those loyal to Exandese and re-assaulted Antasia. This time managing to briefly take the city, the last forces of Unitine held in the Debatorium, eventually trapped on the great roof, Icilith, the undead Wyvern Prophet, Barun Arcwin the Emperor, and General Nolan all faced off, and as the wyvern prophet prepared to strike down the Emperor and drive the final nail into mankinds coffin, General Nolan, the Primordial man rekindled his humanity at the last possible moment, and Lucais struck down Icilith, with the single greatest threat defeated, the remaining Legion held the Debatorium until reinforcements from the other Nations arrived to reclaim the City.
The Battle of Nexun A12 Ea30
The deciding conflict in the Second Candexes war, this battle showed the Duke of Imro Acular Savison that his 2 rivals, Davin Callistar and Kunkan Binn had allied forces to crush his defending force from a beautifully maneuvered assault from land and sea. Kunkans ships attacked the dock, forcing the garrison off the defending wall, and while that battle ensued Davins forces infiltrated the walls and pulls open the gates, allowing his cavalry to flood the open streets and sweep in from behind. This dealt the finishing blow to Aculars forces and he was forces to pull back to Imro where he would ultimately fall. this battles shaped the new nations of Gimson and Wavehavn.
Archov Offensive A12Ea38
While Stonestalns forces lead a campaign to suppress uprisings in Arloche following the segregation of northmen in Grayle, Ragnal Coldclaive managed to ferry a force around them and capture the heavily fortified but undermanned Castle Archov in the key border city. With his force he managed to hold the castle for nearly 10 Years, eventually leading in a peace terms and a independent Arloche fracturing from Stonestaln.
4th Seige of Antasia A13Ea22
Antasia had at this point become more a political relic than the major metropolis it once was, but nonetheless, when forces lead by Arloche to attempt to break up the war between Gimson and Lunreach accidentally lead to the city being Razed, Gimson had cause to declare war on 2 fronts and attempt to further its conquest. While not a decisive conclusion or spark of any new nations or powers, it would serve as the Battle that ended Antasia, the greatest city of all mankind.


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